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General procrastination/support/panic thread for students?

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QisforQcumber Sun 08-Jun-14 15:40:32

Be gentle, this is my first ever attempt at a thread. smile

Is anyone interested in starting up a general chatty thread for posters undertaking any kind of study? I'm supposed to be catching up on reading for my course but decided to start a thread instead.

No pencils, books or brain matter required.

I will start. I'm Q, I am an English Lang/Lit student with the OU. I work full time and I'm in my first year if study.

Over to you....

TheWanderingUterus Sun 08-Jun-14 19:41:19

Yes, brilliant idea. I was on the other procrastinating thread and got some great advice/help/chat but it has not been updated in a while. Here is the best place for it.

Pleased to meet you Q.

I'm The Wandering Uterus. I am in my first year of a PhD in history and I am an expert in procrastinating.

PumpkinsMummy Sun 08-Jun-14 22:03:51

oh thank god, support!! Hi Q and Wandering, I'm pumpkin. I am in my first year of a psychology degree with OU. About half way through the first year. I seem to have spontaneously forgotten everything I've ever learned tho, and the TMA I've been working on is awful. I suffer from depression and am having a dip which is affecting my memory and thought processes which doesn't help. Plus I got really good marks for the other assignments so I feel like I'm really letting myself down. I have decided to chalk this one up to experience and have told my tutor I am handing in my pile of shite essay as it is for the feedback to help with the next one.

Phew, that turned into a bit of an essay, but it feels so good to get it out! I have one young son about to go into nursery, which is great as I will have dedicated time to study, and I don't work.

TheWanderingUterus Sun 08-Jun-14 22:13:07

Hi pumpkin.

Sorry to hear you are struggling. I've been there with depression too, I have perfectionist tendencies which doesn't help either.

Good idea to just hand it in, it's much better to not have it hanging over you.

I handed in a piece a couple of weeks ago that I am waiting for feedback on (it was 24 pagesblush so not expecting any news soon). Some days I am really optimistic, others really miserable waiting. When I actually get the email it's going to take some time to psych myself up to open it!

QisforQcumber Mon 09-Jun-14 07:40:29

<waves at The Wandering Uterus> History? I bet that is incredibly interesting. My first couple of assignments have been history based and I really enjoyed them (much more than the art-history ones). Waiting for a marked assignment is always a double edged sword. I will be desperate to get my mark and my feedback (my inner Hermione takes over) but then the "fear" takes over and I don't want to open the damn thing.

brew for Pumpkin. Bloody hell Pumpkin, you've done really well to submit anything at all! Depression saps any motivation you have for the everyday mundane tasks, never mind essay writing for Psychology. You should be really proud of yourself! My DS is much older and is quite good at keeping himself out of trouble, well, Minecraft is but I don't like to dwell.

TheWanderingUterus Mon 09-Jun-14 11:29:04

Q - yes, it's very interesting, it's something I have been interested in for years (mental health, female body, modern hsitory) so I hope it all works out and I can call myself dr. Uterus.

My subject intersects a little with psychology, Pumpkin and I did ED209 (Child Development) a few years ago with the OU so I sympathise. My daughter was younger then and it was really hard to study with her around. Nursery is a good plan, life will get so much easier.

What sort of areas are you both working on at the moment? I am a stack of books on the human sciences and historiography but have spent a seriously silly amount of time on Twitter this morning.

QisforQcumber Mon 09-Jun-14 11:41:53

Art History and History grin. The module is "Culture" based, exploring cultural encounters between Africa and Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I'm no lover of traditional "art" but I am finding the social context fascinating (if somewhat upsetting at times).

I'm supposed to be revising chapters 1 and 2 and making notes for my essay; as well as returning to the material culture book to remind myself how to correctly classify an object but so far I have copied out the question, bought some shoes, downloaded my textbooks to my iPhone and looked into booking a holiday.

I am soooo glad I don't "do" social media - I would get even less done.

TheWanderingUterus Mon 09-Jun-14 12:17:21

Just noticed my typo, I am not a stack of books, I have a stack of books!

Social media is a killer for procrastinating , lots of PhD students and academics are on there so always interesting conversations happening. Also libraries, archives and organisations promote events and discussions on there too.

Your topic sounds really interesting, I am looking a little at anthropological expeditions in the c19th and early c20th, but the ones that come up are usually places like Samoa and the Trobriand Islands. Interesting but definite sense that Africa is missing iykwim,

Good procrastinating though, well done! grin

I had some LED finger lights delivered for party bags and have spent a happy five minutes under my desk in the dark playing with them.
I'm hoping to finish reading a book today, that is my aim. I stopped when I got to a tricky bit but need to force myself on.

QisforQcumber Mon 09-Jun-14 12:48:32

Those finger lights look right up DS's and my street! I shall have to keep those in mind for next years bags.

I have a bit of further reading to do on Sir Reginald Bacon and the Benin Expedition in 1897, that will be tonight's task followed by note taking, typing and a well earned wine.

Good luck with your reading Wandering, sending brew or wine to help you power through.

EasyWhiteChocolate Mon 09-Jun-14 12:53:44

I'm in! I'm supposed to be writing my essay right now so have taken my laptop and books outside to sit in the sunshine and get it done. Of course, here I am on MN, so I'm not getting anything done...

QisforQcumber Mon 09-Jun-14 13:01:14

Hello Easy - take a brew.

Sunshine? I wish! Its persisting it down here with intermittent thunder.

EasyWhiteChocolate Mon 09-Jun-14 13:36:00

I feel even luckier now then! It's scheduled to rain later but the sky is looking blue for now.

I have just realised that I haven't introduced my studies like everyone else! I'm in my last few weeks of a PGCE in English.

Wandering those LED lights sound great. Can I come to the party and get a party bag? grin

QisforQcumber Mon 09-Jun-14 13:50:48

Oooh Easter, that's what I want to do once I obtain my degree! Are you enjoying it? It must feel so close now.

EasyWhiteChocolate Mon 09-Jun-14 14:01:08

I won't pretend that it hasn't been hell, but a hell well worth it! I've only contemplated quitting about twice a week. I always come to my sense and realise that, actually, I love it! It feels really close, and this part's the best bit as I all I have left to do is this one essay and I'm finished.

I would definitely recommend that you go for it. It will be so, so, so bloody hard, but if you know that you want to go into teaching then it's fine. Just don't believe what people say when they talk about 'having the holidays'. I haven't "had" any of them yet and doubt I will when I'm qualified either! (Except I will have the summer, for this year at least!)

TheWanderingUterus Mon 09-Jun-14 14:35:40

Easy- you can come but I can't guarantee that they will actually make it off my fingers and into the party bags.

My mum is a teacher and she sort of gets holidays, but only really the summer ones and only a few days of them. We went to a lot if holiday clubs as children. She loves her job though.

Have a kick up the bum to get on with your work.

I wasn't here and you didn't see me.grin

EasyWhiteChocolate Mon 09-Jun-14 15:08:55

grin Yes mum! Scurries back to Microsoft Word.

QisforQcumber Mon 09-Jun-14 15:43:24

<sneaks back in>

I am reading but it is not staying in. I'm saving it for later...I've had some good advice.

Nightwish Mon 09-Jun-14 21:36:45

Joining in although I will be off for a few months from Friday.
Just about to finish my ordinary degree in Business Management (getting my degree a weird way around - HND, BA(ord) then hons), two more exams to go on Weds and Fri.
Should be revising but my exam today has worn me out so I am off to bed early.
In September I will be starting the top up year to my full honours degree, first time being properly full-time in the last 3 years of higher education because so far it has been condensed into one or two full days, so a bit nervous.
Have two DS's 10 months and 5.

I am amazing at procrastinating, but somehow I manage to do pretty well even completing assignments the couple of days before.
Next year will be different!
My vow for this year was to actually hand everything in on time and I managed it so I will attempt to meet the whole 'getting work done early' thing for next year.

QisforQcumber Tue 10-Jun-14 09:49:36

Hi Nightwish smile (also ponders if your NN is after the band...?)

Hope you are managing to get some studying done. I think an early night and a good nights sleep is much better that last minute cramming. I'm a "late minute" student, I really need to get that in order quickly! I try to kid myself that I work better under pressure but that's not strictly true. I have to work under pressure because life seems to get in the way all.the.time.

brew for anyone who needs it.

Todays motivational image comes from Sherlock.

QisforQcumber Tue 10-Jun-14 09:50:41

""late minute" ? Last minute. I think Il take that coffee for myself.

Nightwish Tue 10-Jun-14 11:50:38

Yes Q, it is after the band!
In class now doing some revision before my last lesson of this year. It was optional but going through some stuff for Friday's exam so thought I had best come in.

QisforQcumber Tue 10-Jun-14 14:57:56

DH had a Nightwish poster on his bedroom wall when I met him. grin
That brought back some memories!

Hope the revision went well, I have asked DH to block internet access tonight so I can crack on with some work.

Hannibal is on though, so I will need to be done by then.

PumpkinsMummy Tue 10-Jun-14 15:53:19

<sneaks back in after handing in assignment> thanks for the brew Q, I have added extra sugar for the healing properties wink. At the moment I am studying the use of non-human animals in experiments as part of behavioural vs ethological psychology. The next bit is on friendships iirc. Wandering I did a childhood and youth course before I started my degree to see if I could still study, it was very good, I find OU courses really easy to follow if I'm compas mentis (sp). My tutor is fab too after I e-mailed her with my blind panic she has snuck a look at my essay and reassured me before marking it. I'm sure she's just being nice but it has calmed me down enough to start my social sciences paper due in a fortnight which I have neglected to do any reading foe what-so-ever.

PumpkinsMummy Tue 10-Jun-14 15:54:21

wow, judging by the grammar and spellings in that I won't hold my breath!

QisforQcumber Tue 10-Jun-14 16:09:29

Well done Pumpkins! I never thought of asking my tutor to look it over before submission. D'oh. He is very nice as well. Your course sounds interesting Pumpkin, I really enjoy any of the "social" assignments but get bored to tears over materials!.

Spelling and grammar check is my friend. My excuse? I'm still learning. grin

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