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Got my first rejection today..

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MaddestOfTheHatters Fri 04-Apr-14 16:28:31

I'm applying for PhD study (studentship projects) at the moment, mostly in the cancer research field. Got my first rejection today, and so am looking to improve my application, particularly in the personal statement department and possibly the scientific skills section of my cv. Does anybody have any pointers in this area? There's a position come up that I really want, and I'm terrified of sending in a crap application sad

TomMartow Sat 05-Apr-14 16:36:24

I'm sorry maddest - not sure I have much advice but just wanted to offer commiserations. Not sure exactly what field you're looking at - medical research or biology etc within cancer research? I don't want to share info about my field as I've just posted that I'm pg & it's not public yet & I don't want to out myself! So ignore me if what i say doesn't fit in your field.

I visited the supervisors informally prior to application and found out as much as I could about the project. Also tried to let my enthusiasm show (despite that being harder when nervous), and also tried to get that enthusiasm across in my statement. I've been working for many years first, I used that to try to say I'd be self motivated etc as a student & hopefully less effort for them to supervise. Mind you, I'm now pg so they may regret appointing me! Best of luck with it all smile

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