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vancouver referencing - in word? is there a way?

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cafecito Sun 09-Mar-14 22:55:22


I have a horribly horrible paper I overshot my deadline and everything including the ceiling and universe is crashing down on my head

I've written it Harvard because I wasn't clever enough to use a downloadable software add on before I started it

I desperately need it to be Vancouver referenced .. but word doesn't have this, of course.. and I have googled and got confused because I can't run the thing that someone posted to add it

so - has anyone successfully added Vancouver to their Microsoft word?

and /or

does anyone know of the most similar approach to Vancouver ie listing by number in order of citation in text, etc etc etc - that I could choose and then adapt. it's a hefty paper, so I want to find the quickest way of doing it as possible

thanks! flowers

dotty2 Mon 10-Mar-14 10:24:48

Could you use endnotes? Then you would have a list in the right order at the end, and there might be a clever way or turning the superscript numbers into regular Vancouver style numbers?

cafecito Mon 10-Mar-14 19:36:01

Thank you! Ok I have downloaded a 30 day trial of endnotes but am a bit confused at converting it over so will persist, maybe I need to upgrade to a full version before I do that. Looks very useful though longer term - thank you

dotty2 Mon 10-Mar-14 20:50:45

Oh I actually meant the endnotes function in word (like footnotes, but all at the end) but I'm sure Endnotes or Refworks would do the job either, but I must admit I just never got my head round either, in spite of going on the training. Are you linked to a university? I would have thought most would have a licence for one or the other you could access. Good luck.

cafecito Tue 11-Mar-14 00:43:25

tis awfully confusing grin

I am at a university who unhelpfully don't have subscriptions to referencing software which is a little ridiculous, as all the related journal styles require Vancouver/BMJ Vancouver - esque

maybe they just want to torture me a little more and force me to do it manually

grin will peer into word a bit further, I have been using the inbuilt citation manager but it's Harvard so far, still


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