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Snappycrack Sat 08-Mar-14 20:22:06

Name changed for this as It might be slightly controversial..

Ever since starting with the Open university 4 years ago I have had funding from them. A month after each course starts I seem to get just over £260 from student support. This has happened on each course so I haven't questioned it but starting to wonder if I should have? While on my first course I did notice other people on the forum asking when they would get their money though so guess I just thought it was normal.

DP has just started 2 courses with the OU and is in need of a laptop as his is on it's last legs. He started a month ago but as he is receiving his finance through student finance and not the OU I am unsure whether he will get anything?

I feel awful for relying on funding but started my course in the hope I'd be able to work in IT at least as I am disabled and had to leave working in childcare. My health is getting worse but I only have another year or 2 to finish and It seems a waste not to go the whole way.
DP is my carer and is desperate for a job but with a lack of qualifications his only option is a OU degree.

Does anyone know whether It's normal to get money from student support for each course? Or whether DP could get anything to help him towards course materials?

TinyDiamond Tue 11-Mar-14 23:15:17

Hi. When you started yes it was normal to get that payment per module. Now it is different but I don't know all the ins and outs of the new system so his best bet is to call financial support and talk it through.
Has he taken out a loan for the fees?
Did he qualify for the access to success route where you get the first module for £75?

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