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Need advice- rejected mitigating circumstances

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ambientice Fri 17-Jan-14 09:59:44

So, I was due 3 subjects last week- 2 on the 6th and one on the 9th January. We broke up for Christmas on the 13th December. A few days later I was in a hit-and-run and required an abdominal surgery, a few days stay in hospital+ recovery at home. There were complications which meant that the recovery took a week longer than anticipated which meant that I was unable to have anything done over the Christmas hols. I got in touch with my tutors and the head of department and all of them told me not to worry, just take it easy and spend time on recovery and just to submit a mitigating circumstances claim once uni is back- 6th January which is exactly what I did. I spoke to my registry on the day that I was submitting my claim as I wasn't sure as to which extension to apply for- one week or defer to summer- the adviser taking my claim said that it's best to apply for the summer deferral in my circumstances, so I did. 10 days later, wednesday this week I received a reply that my claim has been rejected to do insufficient medical information- I supplied them with my hospital discharge letter and a GP letter confirming that there were indeed post-op complications and that they indeed made it longer for me to recover.

So now, I am stuck and no idea what the hell is going to happen- because it took them so long to get back to me I am now too late to submit my work even for the 1 weeks extension. The rules are that you can't submit any work when you are applying for the claim and you have to wait for the claims results. I can reapply but the week from the hand-in date has long gone.

I hope this makes sense. Any advice would be great!

katedan Sat 18-Jan-14 18:24:48

ambientice, I think you need to go back an speak to your tutor. Do you have an e mail or phone number for them so you can contact them this weekend as it must be a really anxious time for you. Are you 1st year? Seems very tough of them to not accept your situation esp as you have medical note to back it up. Have you had other late submissions or mitigating circumstances?

Hope you can work it out.

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