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Alevels as a mature student

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mrandmrssmith Tue 31-Dec-13 13:57:36

Hello All,

I am currently a sahm of two dd's aged 2.5 (dd2 will be 3 in May '14) and 4.5 (dd1 will be 5 in June '14). I have ADHD.
I am hoping to study A levels in English Literature & Language, Psychology and Biology part time over two years at Guildford College.
If I am able to pass this with a decent enough grade I hope to go to City Of London University to study a BA in Speech and Language Therapy as I'd like to be a SALT.
I am just wondering if there's any advice as to how to juggle the demands of two very young children, a dh, and housework (I am fortunate in the sense that I currently live with my mil so don't have to run the house a hundred per cent by myself, yet she can't be expected to do everything herself - even if it is her house we live in), childcare, a social life on top of studying...?
What sort of equipment am I going to need?
Also what sort of financial help can I apply for?
I am 28 later this month - January and gave up full time work 4 years ago, part time work just over six months ago but don't claim JSA.
Thank you for your help and support

sarahquilt Tue 31-Dec-13 19:12:20

I don't know about the financial side but I teach A level Eng Lit an we recommend that students do one hour's study for every hour lesson.

Buggedoff Fri 03-Jan-14 23:00:20

Why not do an Access course? You can complete your study in one year, and you will be learning alongside other mature students. Access courses qualify for an Advanced Learning Loan to cover tuition fees. If you complete the access course and go onto uni and complete the degree, your Access tuition fees will be wiped. If you don't manage this, you will need to pay the fees back. I think the repayment is similar to a student loan.

I'm not sure about maintenance loans, if there is any funding for this. People on JSA don't tend to lose their benefits because the hours are short enough.

I'm doing a course at City Uni and got on it through Access. However, you would need to call your department to see which courses are acceptable. For my course, they only accepted Access from City and Islington college, which was not my nearest provider. We covered bio, chemistry, epidemiology, study skills, maths, IT and either physics or psychology, and assessment was a mixture of exams and coursework. Attendance was 3 days per week. The course is intense, but so are A'Levels.

You won't need any particular equipment. Normal stationery, folders, scientific calculator. I couldn't manage without a computer, printer, USB, printer paper and supplies. You may need to buy books if you go for A'Levels?

We were really encouraged to have work experience or shadowing to put on the personal statement. This would particularly apply to SALT because it is so competitive.

Buggedoff Fri 03-Jan-14 23:04:21

The Student Room is a good place to find out about funding. You may qualify for DSA (but I don't know if this is only for uni study). This will help cover any additional costs you encounter due to your disability.

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