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How are you doing it?

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Elfina Fri 27-Dec-13 11:35:37

I'm in the final year of a professional doctorate. I'm on placement 3 days a week, and have a study day 1 day a week and then at uni 1 day a week. I work from 8-4pm on placement days to allow me enough time to get back to do nursery pick up (DD is 14 months). I used to be at home with DD on that study day, but from Jan she'll be in nursery full time.

This last year is all about the research and pulling the thesis together. I should have been working for the past week but I've done nothing. I'm just sitting down to try and do some work now, but I'm so tired, I just want to rest. Also, I'm in the kitchen trying to work - almost impossible! No libraries are open, so I'm continually distracted.

How do you get your work done? DD isn't a brilliant sleeper, waking every two hours and needs help getting back to sleep, so even if I have the energy to work after she's in bed, it can be very easily interrupted. She goes to bed at about 8 (though more like 8:30) and I get up at 5:50. Maybe I should be working more into the evenings, but I feel so tired if I don't sleep before 10pm (she wakes in the night), and I can't really do my job tired.

Just wondered if there was anyone in a similar position, and how do you cope? I feel I'm failing at everything.

signet Sat 28-Dec-13 22:38:42

Do you have a partner to help you? Sometimes a study day is great for just catching up on rest if you can. I tend to shut myself away for a few hours to study at the weekend whilst dh entertains the children. Its hard but it won't be forever...keep telling yourself that. You'll get there.

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