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Keeps going with two babies?

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Elllimam Wed 11-Dec-13 20:06:34

I'm looking for some advice, I'm currently going into my final module of my MSc part time (over 3 years). I have the option of keeping going to a professional doctorate also part time, over 3 years and then thesis. However I currently have a 12 month old and am currently 2 months pregnant. I would ideally like to do my doctorate very part time possibly over 4-5 years (then thesis) and only one module next year. Does anyone have any experience of studying with two young children? How hard is it? Am
I crazy for even considering it? Xxxx

2plus1 Thu 26-Dec-13 20:46:27

I studied for my phd part time over 6years. After three years my eldest was born and 12 months later my twins were born. Not exactly planned this way! I found people supportive after my eldest was born but quite judgemental once the twins were born. Of course there was an expectation that I should quit with three babies under twelve months old, but I was not going to lose all the work I had already done. It is possible to study for a phi with young children but you will have to be determined and organised. I wanted to finish so that I could achieve my ambitions whilst showing my children what can be achieved with dedication. I stayed at home with the three babies and had a work break. I had one afternoon of childcare and evenings to study in. Lab work was done during a week where hubby had the children and I lived in the lab, most of the lab work was complete pre children. I had my desk set up ready for working at in the evening until late, then noted things down during the day that I needed to check/work on etc. I had remote access to the library facilities for journal articles. I also had Skype tutorials with my supervisors in the evenings to maximise my child free time. Above all I had a very supportive supervisory team, husband and proof-reading parents! Studying with children means that productivity may be great when things go well but down when children are ill and need you. As long as you are overall accomplishing work then these ups and downs are ok and to be expected. I submitted my thesis after 5.5yrs of my phd and successfully defended my thesis at viva with minor corrections. It was a very proud moment at my graduation with my 3yr old and 2yr old twins clapping me on. If you think you can do this and have the dedication then go for it.

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