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Any help available for single parents doing Masters

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bluejelly Tue 18-Jul-06 17:15:24

Just found out been accepted on a Masters course I really want to do. Wondering what financial help might be available as I will have to give up work and I am currently on working families tax credit.
I have some money saved but it will be tight so any extra would be v useful.
Do I get a reduction on my council tax
Is there anything like childcare tax credit I could get?
Any help gratefully received...

Reginald Wed 19-Jul-06 16:25:32

Well done on being accepted onto your course bluejelly

Don't know the answer, just bumping this for you

bluejelly Wed 19-Jul-06 16:26:58


Chandra Mon 24-Jul-06 08:58:16

Congratulations Bluejelly, what are you going to study?

If all people living in the house are students (even if it's only you) you are exempt of paying council tax.

Not sure about tax credits, as for other financial help, there is normally a Hardship Fund offered by universities to students that are passing by financial problems that could not have been predicted but it doesn't amount to much/would get a regular quantity. Student unions also provide some help to pay child care (something like half a session per week). Some departments also offer bursaries for mature students but, with the introduction of Hardship Funds many of these bursaries are disapearing.

Hope that helps, I have to say that while doing my MA, the financial help I got was nearly neglegible, so I have to make up for lack of resources to pay for nursery by religiously send DS to bed at 7:30 and study until the early hours.

ceecee1993 Sat 27-Dec-14 23:51:48


did you find out how your finances worked out with being on a masters course? I am a lone parent of a 1 yr old and hoping to do an nhs masters next september but don't know how my benefits would be affected

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