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I think I've just screwed up 5 years at uni

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beansmum Sat 12-Oct-13 08:00:28

Just about at the end of a LLB and BA. I didn't hand in an essay this term, because it was so late that with the 5% deduction per day I wouldn't have got any marks anyway. I thought it was worth 20% of the grade for the paper, which would have been bad enough, turns out it was worth 30%. If I fail this paper I'll have to wait and sit it again this time next year, it's compulsory if you want to be a solicitor where I am (NZ).

Which is ok, I suppose. Not ideal, but doable. Except we're moving straight after exams are over and I don't think I can take this course at the uni in the city we're moving to. So basically I'll have done 5 years at uni for nothing. Oh, I'll have a BA (assuming I pass my two remaining arts papers), but a really crappy CV with almost an entire law degree, but not quite. Or we could not move, stay in a city I hate for another year, I wouldn't be back at uni until July, so I'd have to get a job until then but who's going to want to employ me for 6mths with no experience or qualifications?

I just wanted to see it written down so I could decide how panicked I should be. I've been waking in the night in a cold sweat and then getting up and trying to study and getting nowhere and I don't think I can actually do this anymore. I went to see student services (advisor type people) and they were absolutely no use at all. Suggested I make a study plan. Because I hadn't thought of that.


Pootles2010 Sat 12-Oct-13 08:05:17

Sorry you're having such a nightmare. Firstly sit tight- you may have passed, and be worrying for nothing.

If you have failed it, really would recommend re doing it next year - 1 year of misery in exchange for entering well paid profession seems no brainer to me. You could just do temping work till term re- starts? Good luck.

beansmum Sat 12-Oct-13 08:23:20

Yep, I know, you're right. I just really want to move! I don't want the hassle of trying to find another place to live (I've already told the landlord we're going), and a job, and sorting out childcare, and listening to my mother saying I told you so. I hope it doesn't happen. Actually, my parents live in the UK, and I'll have my BA graduation photos, so they would never have to know I wasn't quite finished...

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