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What happens if I take a break from studying?

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alice93 Thu 03-Oct-13 13:41:58

I'm a Full time uni student in my second year, my partner in his third, and we're expecting a baby in january. Originally I hadn't planned any break at all. I'm quite confident I can study and be a mum to a new born at the same time.
But today I've been hit by a few things that are making me consider for the first time, maybe I should take some time out. Which I'm perfectly allowed, it won't affect my course.
So student finance is my only source of income. If I stop, what do I get? I won't be able to work - if I could work then I'd be studying!! So what type of benefits would I be looking at receiving? Because I won't get maternity pay like most people. My partner's finances won't cover us really, but also they won't be considered as he is a Non-EU student.
Would it be income related benefits? I literally have no idea..

webwiz Sat 05-Oct-13 14:49:50

You would be eligible for child tax credits and child benefit but whether or not you get income related benefits depends on the household income and your partner's immigration status (does he have recourse to public funds?).

It would be worth getting some proper advice from somewhere like the CAB.

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