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Any other LP's doing p/t degree and working?

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SleepyFish Sat 07-Sep-13 19:06:28

Ok so i applied for a place on a p/t degree course months ago and today i received an unconditional offer. The course starts on MONDAY!
I thought i was unsuccessful and due to working full time in August haven't been doing any revision (it's a top up degree for a qualification i gained many years ago). Anyway I am now having a major crisis of confidence, i'm just not sure i'm clever enough and haven't studied for nearly 20 years.
On top of that i just keep thinking it's going to be incredibly difficult to fit it with work/ds/school runs etc. I think i'm going to have to give up sleep!
So any other LP's managed this successfully? And how?

alphabetti Sun 08-Sep-13 19:52:32

I'm a lone parent to 2 children. I'm studying got a law degree which I do part time on 2 evenings a week. It is tough as I work full time mon to fri 9-5 then Uni tue n thu 6-9 pm. However what I will get at the end of my course will be life changing for me and my children so that is that keeps me going.
I use a childminder in mornings and 2 after schools a week and am very lucky that my mum is able to collect kids from school 3 times a week and on Uni nights she puts them to bed and sits in my house until I get home around 9.30/9.45ish. There is no way I could go it without her as my oldest only 9 so they cannot stay by themselves while I'm studying.
You need to stay organised whilst working ft and studying. Every evening no matter how tired I am I make sure uniforms are ready for morning and pack lunches made and put in fridge. Also I try to be realistic n think you just can't do everything so font feel guilty about any homework/reading being fine on a Uni night. I mention this at parents eve and teachers understand. Also I have to keep a fairly fixed weekend routine to fit everything in. Sat mornings if anything is needed from town/bank I do that and spend afternoon doing some study. Sat eve we then either have friends round, get a takeaway n watch telly or I go out with my friends. Sunday morn do quick clean and hoover, swimming lessons then go out somewhere or play with kids at home. For me the only way to fit everything in is to make a time slot for everything or I find things just get chaotic.
And even though my course is ran on an evening end of year exams are held in daytime so have to arrange time off with my employer. It's hard though as exam timetable is only released a matter of weeks before exam so just have to let work know there will be 3 half days I will need to be off during last 2 weeks in may, so far they have been understanding.
And finally the main thing is that once you have completed your course you have an option of getti g a better life for your family so it will be worth it

SleepyFish Mon 09-Sep-13 20:09:15

Am in awe of your organizational skills alphabetti and shall remember your post when the going gets tough!
I only have one child, work p/t and have very helpful parents so should be totally doable so I keep telling myself.
First day today, felt like starting school, literally, am one of two mature students and about 50 school leavers grin.

Joy5 Mon 28-Oct-13 18:53:35

Just seen the posts, i'm a mature student too, got a place on an MA late August. Its not easy is it, my sons are teenagers, should be easy but i'm a taxi driver etc.

Working 27 hours, plus uni two half days a week, so its doable, but its still hard, not helped by being in family court early January for finances.

Which has only made me more determined to succeed, no matter what my ex throws at me! smile

SleepyFish Thu 31-Oct-13 20:30:33

Hi Joy
It's the determination to succeed and blow all the LP stereotypes out the water that keeps me going too. I am finding it tough, not so much the work, am really enjoying the learning side of things, it's finding time to do it I'm struggling with. Evenings are the only time I have so staying up late and getting up at ridiculous o'clock with ds is catching up with me.
Then there's the guilt of course, am not doing as much fun stuff with ds (though the GP's do so he's not missing out). I spend one day at the weekend doing something fun/outdoorsy with ds and much as I know it's essential, for me especially, I'm always thinking 'I should be studying' which of course leads to more guilt. Exams are looming already, draft essays due in soon shock.
Anyway, nice to know I'm not alone grin
Good luck for January.

worley Thu 31-Oct-13 20:42:53

I'm a lone parent to 2 dc. I work full time plus a weekend job once a month. I am doing my msc. I'm often up till 1am trying to get work done. I go to uni 150 miles a way 1 day a week.
But I manage somehow. And my pay and the life I provide for my dc is worth the struggle. I won't do any more study after this though!
As you say sleepy fish I like to blow the lp stereotype out of the water. People shouldn't assume that as I'm a single parent I claim tax credits etc. I'm financially better off than the people who make assumptions like that about me. I don't often blow my own trumpet but some times the occasion comes up where I will.

It's hard work now sleepy fish but it's short term really. Keep on smile I have my last exams (fingers crossed) in January and cannot wait to have nothing to do and go to bed early!

SleepyFish Fri 01-Nov-13 10:08:52

Wow, f/t and 2 dc Worley, that must be hard. As you say it's not forever though. I just keep thinking what else would I be doing with my evenings when ds is tucked up in bed, might as well be doing something useful, though a night in front of the tv seems very appealing right now! I eventually hope to teach the subject I'm studying, worked in the field for years previously so in the long term I'll hopefully be working term time only which will of course benefit ds massively. Thank god for mn, no-one in rl has any clue how hard it is balancing everything and I always feel like I can never moan about it as it was my choice to take on a degree on top of everything else. Good luck with your exams smile

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