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Change of circumstances half way through the academic year? With SF.

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alice93 Sun 25-Aug-13 11:04:28

Hey, so I've received confirmation of my loan to come through, and the dates it will come through this year. I'm on the absolute minimum due to my parents income. But come January this changes as I will have my first baby. The second payment is due on the 6th January. Which is my due date funnily enough. And chances are very slim I will have my baby that day anyway! But say the baby comes just the day after. Do you think they will top up my January instalment considering for the majority of that payment (so up till Easter) I will have circumstances different to what they are giving me.
I can't apply for changes until I have the birth certificate :/

Has anyone had to change your SF loans half way through the year before? How responsive are they?

CircassianLeyla Sat 31-Aug-13 10:37:35

I had a student loan for a full time degree but became part time half way through the year so was moved over to a grant. They were very helpful and it was very straightforward.

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