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Going back to part time studies?

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Blueberryveryberry Fri 23-Aug-13 20:14:23

Hi, I would like to ask your opinion. I am a mature student and finished the first year of a part time degree (had to defer one year because I got pregnant and could not continue studying. I want to go back this year but I am not sure if I should take 2 modules (6 year degree) and taking the usual 3 modules (4 year degree).

I used to be working full time (10 hours a day --and I used to cook from scratch every day after coming from work/uni--) when I did the first year (3 modules). I was beyond tired, but since having DS I have found it no tiredness compares to 'baby tiredness'

I won't be working, but I am thinking maybe 3 modules would be 'too much too handle'. On the other hand, if I choose 2 modules it's going to take longer. I am 28 years old and my DH will support me with my studies.

CircassianLeyla Sat 31-Aug-13 10:43:47

I started my degree when DC3 was 8 months. I started as full time and could have managed but would have been spreading myself incredibly thinly with the three modules I was doing and would have been a just 2:1 student with potential to slip to 2:2. I changed half way through the first year to part time with two modules and as a result although sometimes under pressure I really enjoy it and am a high 2:1/First.

Also it is worth noting that DS3 is now 2.5 and this year is going to be far harder than the others because he no longer naps, requires far more attention now etc.

However the difference in time for me is only a year.

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