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Anyone here doing/done an OU degree ??

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TheOriginalNutcracker Mon 19-Aug-13 10:33:42

I am thinking of doing Childhood and Youth, but i'd really like to hear from people who have done a degree with the OU before I take the plunge.

I have no formal qualifications, other than a couple of gcse's, but that was more because I hated school rather than that I haven't got the brains.
I'd be starting from their lowest course and working all the way up to degree level, so it would take 6 years in total, and i'd be 41 when it was done.

I work part time (25 hours) and have 3 dc, one of whom has some issues atm, but i think thats part of the attraction, as I want something for me, to do and achieve.

Would be grateful for any comments.

TheOriginalNutcracker Sun 25-Aug-13 00:06:27

Oh lots of replies grin

Thos of you starting the courses this October, are you doing the access bit at the start or getting straight into the course ?

SilveryMoon Sun 25-Aug-13 02:31:40

I'm skipping the access course and jumping straight on to level 1

MegGriffin Sun 25-Aug-13 12:22:34

Same here, straight in with level 1 (E100)

SilveryMoon Sun 25-Aug-13 13:12:52

I'm doing E111. It was a toss-up between the 2 (E100 and 111) but in the end decided to do the module that corresponds with the department I'll be in this academic year.
I've worked as an SEN TA for about 3 and half years. Did nearly 2 years in EY and just over a year in KS1 which is where I will stay this year coming.

MegGriffin Sun 25-Aug-13 16:03:27

Exciting news! My module documents were dispatched on Friday. A Week earlier than I expected. I will be postman twitching now. grin grin

LostInWales Sun 25-Aug-13 16:08:55

Oooh, I'm jealous Meg, I know from past experience I need to get a head start because life often gets in the way of study but mine are staying resloutely un posted.

I have new highlighter pens and an ace set of post it notes that include one saying 'dire' on it. grin

BitBewildered Sun 25-Aug-13 16:12:44

I'm starting my English Lang & Lit OU degree in October. The course materials for the first module are here, and I have all my set texts -woohoo! The procrastinating has started too, which is why I'm on here!

OP I hadn't studied since GCSEs either, and did the openings course for the arts which started last November. It was really helpful and I feel pretty confident about my study skills now. I would recommend it.

LostInWales Sun 25-Aug-13 16:13:38

You are truly a proper student if you have managed to procrastinate already wink

BitBewildered Sun 25-Aug-13 16:24:42

grin thanks Lost. <proud>

MegGriffin Sun 25-Aug-13 17:21:46

I'm loving the stationary LostInWales.
I do hope I can make a start and get ahead of myself before the inevitable real life gets in the way with work and winter bugs etc. Also it sounds promising that you will get yours early too if BitBewildered has hers as well.

BitBewildered Sun 25-Aug-13 19:01:05

My stuff was due to be sent out on 16th August, but I received it on the 13th. I have got my lever arch file and pencil case ready. There are support groups on FB for my module, and some bits on the OU website about how to prepare. I have downloaded some bits from iTunesU and am sitting here ignoring it all. I will start reading soon ...

SilveryMoon Sun 25-Aug-13 19:13:15

How do I find out if there's a fb group for my module. They're usually closed groups aren't they. Must have a look

LostInWales Sun 25-Aug-13 19:32:31

If you go into the seach box at the top of your FB page and type in the course code you can see if there is already a group for your course. I've been lucky and always had some online study 'friends' on FB but then as I'm doing a computing degree maybe that's not surprising wink

Item 6 is my new post it notes given to me by an ace friend who also lectures for the OU, a bit like having a very personal tutor!

BitBewildered Sun 25-Aug-13 19:45:42

Yes, just search your course code. My one had specific groups for those starting in October - one group for chatting and one for more course focused discussion.

I really like those post its! I want some new stationery envy

FunInTheSunD Sun 25-Aug-13 20:20:23

I'm looking at doing a OU course. Can I ask how much it cost you,?

MegGriffin Sun 25-Aug-13 20:36:11

Hello Fun. If you go to the OU website it gives you the cost of all the modules. Mine is about £2500 per module and I will need to do 4 (240 credits) to get my Foundation degree and more if I choose to continue.
I have got a student loan which I wont have to start repaying until I earn over £21000 and even then it's graduated.
What course are you thinking of doing?

LostInWales Sun 25-Aug-13 21:01:54

If you are in Wales or Scotland it is a lot cheaper at the moment.

SilveryMoon Sun 25-Aug-13 23:24:04

Thanks. Have just found a group and sent a request to join.
I'm a little nervous about this now and that I might be taking on too much and it'll be too hard..........

MegGriffin Sun 25-Aug-13 23:42:50

Silvery, I've joined a couple of face book groups as well.
I think (hope) that once we start we will have a better understanding of what is required time wise and can plan accordingly smile .

LostInWales Mon 26-Aug-13 10:33:05

How many points are your courses? A 60 point course is supposed to be approx 16 hours a week, 30 8 hours and 15 points 4 hours. I've found this quite a good guide. If you are doing entry level courses they are excellent at bringing you gently in to study and teaching study techniques as well as the subject matter. I was scared stupid when I started but it was so gentle at first I got my confidence up. I'm doing 60 points at level two this year though < goes back to panicked> shock

BitBewildered Mon 26-Aug-13 11:14:30

Mine's 60 credits too. The openings course was only 15 credits so it's quite a jump. <frets>

TheOriginalNutcracker Wed 28-Aug-13 23:32:36

Ive applied grin but they have emailed saying there is a querey with my application and my address or something, so I need to ring them tomorrow.

Hopefully it will be easily sorted out and I can complete the registration and apply for finance in time.

Does anyone know if you can get a garnt for equipment ? My laptop is on it's last legs.

Also, do I have to tell my workplace I am doing it ?

BitBewildered Wed 28-Aug-13 23:38:38

Congrats! They've been good with my slightly convoluted admin, so hopefully they will get your paperwork ready quickly. No idea about equipment, sorry.

I can't see any reason why you'd need to tell work, unless you're contract says you must? Would studying disrupt your ability to work?

TortoiseshellMillie Wed 28-Aug-13 23:52:39

Hello! I'm starting a Masters in Education with the OU in October. Received the course materials today. Spent most of the evening reading them and getting ridiculously excited smile.

Panicking a bit now, as i have recently had a huge crisis of confidence. I have a history of depression and anxiety, and worried about how this may affect my studies. ..

Good luck everyone-can't wait to hear more about your courses!

BitBewildered Thu 29-Aug-13 00:23:26

It's very exciting when the materials arrive isn't it? I am halfway through my first set text, and am really enjoying it (it's Dr Faustus, if anyone is interested). smile

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