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Feel like I'm not meant to go

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FrenchRuby Fri 16-Aug-13 15:07:55

Since I applied to uni last year, I've hit pretty much every block on the way. First I had to find and complete a maths gcse in 3 months, which I just about managed.

Then I couldn't find a nursery for my dd and when finally did I got told that dh earns too much for us to get a child care grant (he earns roughly £16k a year... How is that too much??) so I am now having to pay for full nursery out of my student loan along with my course materials (I need expensuve equipment).

Then my student finance messed up and took about 10 times longer to sort out than it should have, I must have phones them at least 6 times for at least an hour a time.

Then I had issues with dds new nursery where they were uncontactable and was unsure if she still had a place. so I spent a good month desperately trying to sort out other arrangements for her, they eventually got back to me and she now has the place but I'm convinced that they're going to over charge us for her first month because dispite me telling them that she will only be in for a couple of days they keep asking me to confirm how many days she'll be in. So I think they'll charge us for every week day.
And now everyone on my course had their welcome packs ages ago and I haven't. I know it's only a small thing but it's after a long list of stuff and I already feel like I'm not good enough to be there so that's worrying me too.
And then I think if this is stressing me out what am I going to be like when I actually get there.
Sorry for my long winded rant!

flufftastic Mon 02-Sep-13 21:23:08

I feel for you, I had epic f* ups just before I started uni.
HB told me I didn't qualify for ANY support even though I was a single parent- (took help from student services to rectify this). Without it I wouldn't have been able to do the course.

I settled my ds into a childminder 2 weeks before the start date. She rang me 2 days before I was due to be in uni to say she had taken another job!! I was furious. So the first week of uni I was battling getting up 5.30, dropping ds to his Nanny's, navigating the long commute, starting the new course (Scary) AND ringing childminder's in my lunch break. It certainly felt like an uphill battle to begin with and I did question whether they were 'sign's not to do the course. Needless to say, I battled through and things ironed themselves out. I have to say, I am much better in a crisis because of all of it! Most logistical problems have a way of working themselves out.

Keep going!

FrenchRuby Sat 07-Sep-13 11:39:41

Oh my goodness! I feel awful for complaining now because my situation isn't that bad!
I'm excited to start now, 2 weeks to go! I've already make a few friends through my courses Facebook page (I was worried I'd be the weird older girl with kids who no one would talk to, but they all seem to be really nice :D). I just have a summer project to finish.

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