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MA, funding and benefits

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timeforanothernewname Thu 01-Aug-13 07:12:53

Getting lots of conflicting info from google.

I'm currently SAHM, single parent to 1yo, in receipt of IS, CB, CTC and full HB.
I've been offered a scholarship to do my MA this Sept - fees paid plus 10k for maintenance. Does anyone know how this money affects my benefits entitlement? I'm not for a minute looking to get more than I'm entitled to - if I lose the IS, that's fair enough, but if I lose some of my HB I'm not sure I can afford to cover the gap.

Any recommendations for places to ask about this would also be welcome - the jobcentre were confused enough when I started claiming IS whilst on AML (when SMP ran out), which hasn't filled me with confidence. I've heard mixed things about CAB. Would my uni student services be knowledgeable about this sort of thing, or is it a bit too niche?


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