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Really like to hear your parent student stories!

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Hobgoblin77 Mon 29-Jul-13 10:00:28

Hi guys,

I'm due to start my degree in September but due to my age my partner and I are seriously considering starting our family....this will mean taking out a year probably after completing my first year. Not ideal by any means but I think we're both adamant we want a family and at 36 I need to make a decision really!

My course is 3 years and the career which I'll start afterwards really is full on so a lot of people have advised we have a child while I'm at uni so that child is a toddler by the time I start the career.

Obviously in an ideal world I'd finish uni first but I'd be nearly 40 then...obviously women have babies at that age but ideally we'd like two so think we should get on with it!

OH and I would not be married until a little later due to cost and he'll earn about £25k so my question is really would we actually get any help with childcare and what are your experiences of surviving uni whilst having a child? Odds are I'd take a year out with baby anyway so would be going back with a 1 year old most likely.

Thanks guys

alice93 Mon 05-Aug-13 21:36:41

Hey, I don't have any experience yet of it, but I am a full time undergrad student, my partner as well, and we are expecting a baby in January. Neither of us have any intentions to take a break from uni (apart from my January exams which will be medically impossible to take!)
- I don't know much about what funding you'll get, but I imagine you'll get some, such as the grants/loans you'll get for being a student.
- We're not going to have childcare, at least not this following year, the university (as most are I imagine) are very lovely and happy to make sure our lectures don't clash, and my personal tutor is happy to have my baby in the seminars with me! (handy if the child is ever a bit too sick to be without mum!)
I say do it smile for me it is looking very exciting. I do admit there isn't a huge financial support out there, but there is a bit. And what you can't give to your child whilst you are in financial hardships you can give back to them ten times over once you are earning lots with your completed degree!
I hope this helps smile

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