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Big decision.... Should I continue?

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Bonkerz Sun 28-Jul-13 11:15:32

Jut spent the last 4 years doing a foundation degree via the open university. It's been a very hard slog. In my second year I became pregnant and in my third year I had the baby and started my own business so it really has been a nightmare.
I got my results 2 days ago and I've managed to scrape through with a pass 4 but I have my foundtion Degree in early years!
I'm lucky and was funded by my local council. I now have to decide if I top up to BA at a cost of £850 to myself or if I leave it now and be happy with the FD. My dcs (I have 4 aged 13-2 and eldest is autistic) have all said they want me back. They have given up many weekends whilst I've studied and seen me stressed out at exam times etc. I'm torn. I'm not sure if I should just top up because its transitional fees so a lot cheaper despite not really needing a full degree. I can't see me going on to do teaching etc and my grades are nowhere good enough anyway. I was supposed to do early years teacher but the government have still not defined this qualification yet so it could be a waste of time if it all changes in the next year. confusedconfused I just don't know what to do anymore.

SwedishEdith Sun 28-Jul-13 20:31:02

Well, what are your long-term plans? Do you need the honours bit for anything? Realistically, pretty much all degrees are honours now so, to compete with anyone, you'd need that, I think if you were applying for posts specifying a degree.

Can you afford to do it? However it'll never be as affordable again so you need to consider that.

Also, you said you scraped a Pass 4 (for a Level 3 course?) Realistically, do you think you can pass another Level 3 course? Is there another one that actually appeals to you? OU is hard enough without actually enjoying what you're doing.

These are teh questions I'd be asking myself? Don't know if that helps. Congratulations, by the way smile

Bonkerz Sun 28-Jul-13 21:02:52

Thanks. It was a foundation degree at a pass 4 so level 5 qualification. Originally I had considered teaching in about 5 years but with a pass grade so low that's not an option anymore. I've always been a nursery manager so am more than qualified to stay in this role. I'm currently a childminder so am 2levels above desired qualification for this. I see me minding for at least 2 more years realistically and then will prob go into schools in some way ( reception class) or working in community (sure start etc) which again my foundation degree will cover. We can't really afford for me to study, it would mean no holidays next year sad looks likes decision made really.....

SwedishEdith Sun 28-Jul-13 21:37:32

Sorry, I meant a level 3 module next. Well, I think that's a sound decision to stop now - you have more than enough and can plan some holidays with your kids. If you ever want to top up in the future, you still can (albeit at the more exobitant fee but you might be able to plan for that or get a student loan?) Enjoy your freedom for a while

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