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only passed a unit on my access think that means I cant apply to all but one uni

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ditavonteesed Thu 25-Jul-13 15:52:13

I already have a degree and have got mainly distinctions for access, I have just got a grade back for a project that I really struggled with and have only passed it, according to most of the uni entry requirements you have to get 30 distinctions and all the rest of the grades must be merits, it doesnt say how many merits so cant even do extra credits to make itt up. I am really annoyed with myself for not insisting on more help as I really did struggle with the project, but on no other course I have ever come across does one low grade mean you are out of the game. I cant decidde whether to continue with access as I already meet the entry requirements for all but the one uni that states 30ds and rest merits so I dont know if there is any point. However I am really enjoying studying the course and want my knowledge and study skills to be up to date if I do get in anywhere.

Madsometimes Fri 26-Jul-13 07:58:15

What grades do you have in your access course?

The uni should not be asking for more than 45 credits at level 3, so can you put the pass towards your remaining 15 credits at L2/l3? Or did your course only do 45 L3 credits? If your uni has asked for 60 level 3 credits, then they are being very naughty.

At my college, we were told that we can only have 60 credits on our certificate. We did more than 60 credits and we able to choose our best units for the certificate. So, I only got a P for one IT assignment, but this is not on my certificate, and will not be going forward to my university. However, some units were mandatory, so they had to go on the certificate, regardless of the score, and often they were only L2 anyway. Was your P in a mandatory unit?

If you have only missed your grades by a tiny margin, it's always worth calling the uni and asking if they will consider you. You may need to wait until the A'Levels are out until they can give you an answer though.

Most Access courses are finished by now. Is your one over 2 years?

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