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7 weeks pregnant and due to start uni in spetember. help i really need advice

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susieh1985 Mon 22-Jul-13 17:36:36

hi I just found out that I am pregnant but im due to start uni in September to do social work. the baby will be due beg march but I will hav a section end of feb due to 2 previous sections. so good news is I can plan ahead. But im concerned that if I can start this year my 30 day placement is after Christmas which is bad timing and wud make placing me difficult being heavily pregnant at that time. I thought another option would be to defer a yr but I spoke to the uni n they said that I could apply to defer but my place would not be guaranteed. Please can anyone help?????

comeonbishbosh Tue 23-Jul-13 00:13:55

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Sounds to me that deferring a year is a better option than taking mat leave half way through, especially with the placement factor. In my course it's never been a problem to defer for much less important reasons. Who have you talked to at the uni? The admissions tutor for your course is the most obvious one, can you talk it through on the phone with him/ her? It may be that the 'cant guarantee ' thing is just something they have to say and actually, short of the course folding or something, it should be perfectly secure.

Other people to talk to could be the central admissions team, any 'widening participation' office or possibly even try the students advice.

If you have exhausted your own ideas, try to get one of your tutors/teachers to make a representation for you.

Good luck!

susieh1985 Tue 23-Jul-13 09:28:41

heya thanx for your reply smile to be honest I wud prefer to defer so that I get time off with the baby and my youngest starts school next sept too but not if my place is not guaranteed so I spoke with my husband and if this is the case we are willing to start this sept. However I was also thinking and I think I may be an exception the not guaranteed rule as I got offered my place on the same day and I came top of my class in achieving the access diploma (got 60 credits at distinction and 3 credits at merit :D) so hopefully im worrying bout nothing but its the anticipation of not knowing yet. thanx again for your reply hun smile

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