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Housing benefit and FT degree

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Perriwinkle9991 Tue 16-Jul-13 07:54:48

Hi all. I'm doing my last year of my degree this time I am a single parent. I get some housin benefit as I work 16 hours. I am wondering when I return to uni If I will still get it and how much? Any example of what other moms have received.


Rockchick1984 Wed 17-Jul-13 07:53:40

Contact student services at your uni, benefit entitlements for students tend to be more complex smile

MissMogwi Wed 17-Jul-13 08:00:05

Hi you are entitled to housing benefit as a lone parent and full time student. They don't count your grant and much of the loan as income so you should receive the same amount.

I had to send my student finance letters in as proof etc. I've just finished my degree and received full housing benefit throughout.

Hope this helps.

flufftastic Thu 18-Jul-13 20:04:23

Hi your HB won't stay the same, but you will still get a proportion. They DO take your loan and bursary/grant into account. I am still paying them back for their balls up!

flufftastic Thu 18-Jul-13 20:05:26

Just read MissM- wow, I wonder why there is a variation? GRRRRR!

mirrorpants Fri 09-Aug-13 20:06:51

They count my student finance as income- it works out to £90 a week apparently. So I get about 70% of the housing benefit now (instead of the 100% I got before I was a student)

Debs75 Fri 09-Aug-13 20:20:01

What about if in a couple?
I hope to start a midwifery one in the next two years and currently we are on income support and carers allowance.
I have heard loads of different things such as you still get all your benefits and then a bursary on top to not getting anything but the bursary. |I am hoping there is something in between

xxxxmrsxxxx Mon 12-Aug-13 00:09:23

Housing benefit does take your NHS bursary into account. They take a small amount off (one of the parts of it but can't remember which). They take account of your student loan, even though its only s small amount.

Tax credits don't take account of your Bursary or loan. And bursary don't take account of any earnings.

cafecito Mon 12-Aug-13 00:42:07

they count student loan as income so any excess is deducted from your housing benefit entitlement

xxxxmrsxxxx Mon 12-Aug-13 00:49:08

Sorry, I meant that the student loan is a small amount if you get an NHS bursary, not a small amount is taken into account. We get a reduced loan (currently £2324 p/a).

Debs75 Fri 16-Aug-13 14:48:28

Oh sounds complicated.

As a rule of thumb are you worse off going to Uni if you are still on benefits?

iloveweetos Fri 16-Aug-13 14:51:23

Hi im in the same situation as flufftastic.
For my first year i was fine, but for some reason it changed in 2nd and 3rd but they kept paying me. I didn't find out until i had moved and a debt had built up. so be careful! show them everything!!!

Listentomum Mon 02-Sep-13 02:23:32

I'm full time SW student with student fina e grant and loan + local collage payment + nhs SW bursery I get 40% housing benifit. So pay the bulk of my rent.

flufftastic Mon 02-Sep-13 21:18:05

I was definitely much much better off as a student midwife than on benefits. That also included spending £300 p/m on fuel as I commuted to uni. I am a single mum so did qualify for a decent bursary. I also applied for the Access to Learning Grant in the first year as money was so tight then. I was successful and got a decent sum of money that didn't have to be repaid.

Listentomum Mon 02-Sep-13 21:25:06

Yes I'm far better off to as a student than on benefits. Also ensure you claim as a single parent with student finance and claim your child care cost too. It's worth looking into the best way to claim your working tax credit go to the Uni and ask for advice as if I remember correctly your forfeit one aspect of either WTC or maintenance payment. Just to ensure you are as best off as you can be.

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