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post PhD baby timing

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BeauNatt Tue 13-Aug-13 14:23:47

I think it must be nonsense, and obviously just her personal opinion. The women academics I know all vary as to when/if they had children. For some women, being off with a baby might give them the space they needed to have that big breakthrough idea!

And what about the menfolk eh?! I guess having babies doesn't affect their brain or priorities at all...

luxemburgerli Wed 12-Jun-13 11:36:23

Hi amachori. I'm a postdoc and am pregnant with my first.

Sounds like a one sided view. I suppose, thinking in career terms only, there is never a GOOD time to have a baby - there will always be some slowing down/backlash. With that in mind I'd just take it as her personal experience, and decide what you think will work for you.

I would say I had my best ideas during my PhD. All downhill from here...

amachori Tue 11-Jun-13 12:07:01

Just been to a careers talk where the woman speaker warned against having a baby in the year or two after completing a PhD if you want an academic career as this is the 'magic window' where you have all your most original ideas, are most cutting edge, and most likely to move ahead. I was at first alarmed by this - I have two children already and was planning to have a third after PhD - and then angered. This is nonsense isn't it? Firstly, timing is completely personal and what works for one may not for others but also if you are most productive straight after graduating what do you do with the rest of your career and why does anyone employ anyone over 30?? Please join my rant and any stories of post PhD babies followed by fabulously successful academic careers would also be most welcome!

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