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Childbirth international? Childbirth Education Association of NY?

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rockerrock Tue 28-May-13 17:53:17

Anyone know anything about either of these?

I'm living in the USA for another 15m due to DH's job commitments. We have two young children (almost 3 and 4m): I'm not in paid work.

I'm interested in formalising my knowledge about conception, pregnancy and birth (I researched a lot whilst we were having our children and consider myself fairly knowledgeable). I'm not interested in becoming a doula, although would like to be able to advise on BF.

I've contacted the NCT and it's not possible to do their antenatal teacher course until we return to the UK.

I've found two others which might work, but wanted to see if anyone knew anything about them/their reputation.

1) Childbirth International. This seems very flexible, inexpensive and easily accessible. However I worry that it's TOO easy and therefore lacking in validity

2) Childbirth Education Association of New York. This is what all the local childbirth educators/doulas in our area seem to have. It seems very thorough and rigorous (but also on the pricey side). However I worry that it means nothing in the UK.

Does anyone know anything? Or can give any views? Or know of any other courses??


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