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MOONDOG and other SALTs?

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acnebride Fri 19-May-06 11:28:47

Hi, any chance of some help?

At the moment I am planning to apply for the MSc in Speech and Lang Therapy at Reading this autumn. I've got the gen about what they want to see etc, but is there anything that you wish you'd studied/read up on before doing the course? I was going to do Human Biology A-level, given that I'm an arts graduate, but am thinking perhaps I don't need to?


sophynoo Fri 19-May-06 11:34:33

hi im not a SALT yet but am applying to do the BSc in speech and lang at Reading this yr.
i do already have a degree too but as its an English degree i was told they would be more inclined to choose graduates with psychology/science degrees, and with only 12 places on the course (and 300 applicants!!)they said i dont stand much chance!!
do you live close to Reading btw? How many kids would you have to arrange childcare for? good luck with your application!

acnebride Fri 19-May-06 11:56:08

oh help, i was afraid of that!

we're in Oxford so not too far - it's less than 30 mins on the train. only 1 child so far, currently in p/t nannyshare - I'll worry about full time childcare as and when i actually make it on to the course - sounds unlikely! I'm signed up to the general careers and observation SALT sessions they provide locally, and I'm talking about half a day a week voluntary work with a therapist in private practice - tried NHS but they want a minimum of 1 full day per week which would be a lot harder.

did you look at the MSc as well?

sophynoo Fri 19-May-06 14:21:53

Sorry, didnt make myself clear then, i WAS going to apply for the Reading MSc but that was the course with only 12 places i spoke about and the BSc has a few more places & sounds gentler, altho much longer! Your experience that youre getting sounds great, probably better than most!! im trying to get nhs experience locally but nobody is getting back to me yet....not lookin good for me, i failed my gcse maths so have to retake when i apply

acnebride Tue 23-May-06 13:51:03

well, just to let you know, the therapist I'm hoping to sign up with (nothing fixed yet so may not happen) was one I found via \link{\Help with Talking, if that's any use. But hands off the one with initials KA, she's mine!

I'm just starting on Human Biology A-level with the National Extension College.

Did you find out how many places the BSc has?

acnebride Tue 23-May-06 22:06:52

bumping because Moondog seems to be around please could you have a look at my original post, pretty please?

moondog Tue 23-May-06 22:13:20

OOh,good luck and well done you for doing voluntary work!
(Would you like to come and help me out??)

I would go for something basic to give you a grunding in normal child acquisition.
Anything by David Crystal would go down well (partic. 'Child Language)
I don't think you have to worry about getting too technical at this stage..more to do with being open and interested.

Try 'Baby Talk' by Sally Ward (highly thought of salt,now deceased sadly) Manual for parents but tiptop.
Library should have a copy.

I did a French/Linguistics degree and no sciences for A level (although seriously considered biology which was funny,as at the time,didn't see how it fitted with my Arty ones. Started trainnig as salt at 26 so it would have been good.)

What is your degree in exactly.

I bloody love my job. Best thing i ever did!!!

Pruni Tue 23-May-06 22:14:51

Message withdrawn

sophynoo Wed 24-May-06 17:46:43

Acnebride: the the BSc at Reading has something like 26 places, are you thinking of applying for that too?
hurray, today managed to set up some observation sessions with nhs in local area, yay! they said they get a hell of a lot of people asking for experience.. i can but try!!
are you applying in sept??

sophynoo Wed 24-May-06 17:48:25

sorry about "the the"; i myself do not have a stutter, i merely want to work with people that do..(wink)

Xavielli Wed 24-May-06 21:55:11

Do you think you could do a run through of the best route to go down towards becoming a SALT, starting with A-levels. I am a 21 y-o SAHM and want to start learning again... think this might be just the career I have been looking for!

Xavielli Wed 24-May-06 21:56:58

I am also near Oxford (Banbury) so any information on these courses near by would also be greatly appreciated!

moondog Wed 24-May-06 22:01:52

X,lots of people are coming into it later but if you are thinking of starting with A levels,then I would recommend a language (including or as well as) English.
Psychology is great,as is Biology although not essential.

You may like to enquire with your local dept. to see if there are any salt assistant jobs going.
Quite a few people do that and then go to train.

A few places in London do it,and there is also Reading un.
Hang on,I'll do you a link too the College of Speech and Lang therapists website.


acnebride Wed 24-May-06 22:07:07

Many thanks moondog, you STAR.

sophymoo, are we competing? My current idea is to apply this year to Reading, I assumed to the BSc following your first post... but it depends a little - maybe I'll do a bit of voluntary work and decide in the immortal words of Bart Simpson that 'this both sucks and blows' - or at least that it really isn't for me after all.

I'm enjoying the first bits of the A-level though.

Xavielli Fri 26-May-06 16:39:35

btw they also do a SALT course at UCE birmingham.

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