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Open degree???

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justhayley Thu 18-Apr-13 15:12:09

Hiya Iv just done a credit transfer to the open university. I need to complete 30 credits at level 2 and then 120 at level 3 to finish my degree. My long term plan is to teach so I signed up to the open degree to finish my undergraduate as quickly as possible so I can do my PGCE.

Anyway I'm now wondering if the open degree was the wrong choice. I like the flexibility it brings but feel like it's a bit Micky mouse & if future employers will prefer a standard named degree.

Anyone got an open qualification? And experiences of having one?

Do you think I'd be better off doing the psychology or child & youth studies degree which although will take longer will give me a degree people know what it is without explanation.


hugoagogo Sun 21-Apr-13 22:01:15

I hope it's not a mickey mouse degree?!

I am told that OU degrees generally are well respected, I certainly hope so.

JeanPaget Sun 21-Apr-13 22:04:49

Sorry, to clarify do you mean an open degree as in 'a degree from the open university'.

Or do you mean a degree that isn't in one specific subject but has modules/courses covering a range of subjects (which in your case just happens to be from the OU)?

justhayley Sun 21-Apr-13 22:05:12

Hiya thanks for your reply - are you doing one as well?
I think it's the strange face people pull when I tell them what I'm studying that has me a buy worried

hugoagogo Sun 21-Apr-13 22:19:18

Yep, like you I did a credit transfer.

I have 1 more year to do after this.

It's hard with the OU to do the exact course you would like to d, they have plenty of choice for level 1 courses, but after that and especially at level 3 it gets more limited.

For example if you were doing a history degree; then there are only 2 history modules at level 3 so you have to do them, not really choice. Which is one reason why I chose the 'open degree' that and the fact I would have got hardly any credit because the politics and social policy modules I did back in the mists of time are counted as science subjects at the OU. hmm

Anyway, have you had a meeting with one the advisers at your local OU centre? They are really helpful and usually have open days this time of year.

TinyDiamond Mon 22-Apr-13 21:18:52

do you know what you'd like to do afterwards? personally I switched onto a named path as despite wanting to pick and mix at the start I realized the direction to take and went with it. what is your previous study in? what are the modules you wish to take?

justhayley Tue 23-Apr-13 20:53:19

Hiya thanks for your reply's.
The plan after is to do a PGCE - primary. I did Humanities (literature major) before and although I could have continued on the humanities path I hated the modules offered at the OU, wanted to make sure I have an interest in what I'm studying.
The first module I'm starting in May is counselling - fear & sadness.
Havnt chosen my level 3 modules yet but will go for a child / education 1 and a psychology module if I can't do 2 child based ones.

pinktransit Tue 23-Apr-13 21:07:36

I have an open degree. I do tend to say (when chatting about it) that I have a open degree specialising in social science as that is what most of my higher modules were.
On my CV (when I update it) I will say that it is an Open degree, as that is what is on my certificate) but will probably state in brackets that it was in Geography and Crime and Justice as those were my final 3 modules.
I loved the flexibility of the open degree, although your choices at level 3 are limited by what you've done previously - most level 3 courses do recommend that you have done a linked or similar level 2. I guess that is sensible, as they are pretty intense, and jumping in at the deep end could be difficult.

TinyDiamond Tue 23-Apr-13 22:17:39

I'd def recommend a named degree for teaching. Can you try and book a careers appt with an ou adviser and they will tell you if you are likely to get onto a course or not with an open. Also if you're not working in one or doing this already it's a good idea to get some work in a school from now on even if you're volunteering one day a week. It is extremely competitive to get onto PGCE courses now. Good luck, I love the OU

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