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Anyone have exams coming up and want a revision support thread?

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mixedmamameansbusiness Wed 10-Apr-13 14:31:08

I have two history exams at the end if May. Have drawn up my timetable and had my first session last night. I have to answer three questions (mini essays) and have two modules. I have selected 4 topics for each with some broader reading where I can fit it in.

I am a second year so feel quite relaxed although my mum was supposed to arrive an hour ago to pick up the dc and is just on her way now so now my timetable is put of sync.

I usually just ignore that session and start from the time I am at when unforeseen things occur. How does anyone else deal with it, do you try to factor it in elsewhere?

IWanderedYoniAsACloud Fri 12-Apr-13 00:03:24

I have exams coming up at the end of May, need all the help I can get at the moment; can't seem to get my head down! I'm second year too but far from relaxed, seem to be finding this year a real struggle and failed one of my January exams sad.

My planning inevitably falls by the wayside (I am a serial procrastinator)and I end up cramming madly in a state of last minute panic...

mixedmamameansbusiness Fri 12-Apr-13 08:00:27

Hi, it is so easy to procrastinate. I find these first few sessions really difficult but once I am in the flow it is ok.

I organised all my reading in a nice concertina file last night and organise my filing of notes on my laptop, sometimes that is half the battle for me.

I am lucky that Dh and my parents are around a lot so I can physically take myself off to the library or coffee shop and work without too much distraction.

What subject are you studying ?

There are some people who work better cramming, the pressure etc. one of my friends is taking part in a study group and he didn't really revise last year but this year the pressure of having to contribute means he is revising far earlier, I did we'll last year with my timetable of manageable chunks and going back to subjects multiple times and did distil long my notes and opted to stick with it rather than attend the group.

You seem quite stressed, is it because of the January situation or because you know you will be cramming at the last minute?

Have you tried pod casts? You can listen whilst doing other things and it is amazing how much you take in aurally.

IWanderedYoniAsACloud Fri 12-Apr-13 10:51:01

You sound really organised! Unfortunately I am one of the most unorganised people in the world (in all areas, not just study) which is a major part of the problem.

I'm studying Biology; I find it interesting but don't seem to be able to retain the information. Thing is I know I would find it easier if I broke it down into manageable chunks, wrote up my notes properly going along etc. but I never seem to manage it.

I think a major problem is that I have faced a lot of opposition from family members with regards to me actually doing this course. My MIL thinks I am neglecting my family (!) and DH has a similar opinion - he thinks I should only study when the DCs are in bed but then he complains that we don't get any time together which inevitably leads to arguments. This all culminates in me actually feeling guilty about studying because it all feels like such a struggle.

Failing in January has thrown me a bit too. I think you have a point with the podcasts, last year I recorded all my notes on a dictophone and played them back every so often but I didn't in January so that may have made a difference...

Have got the day to myself today so am going to stop mnetting and get revising!

mixedmamameansbusiness Fri 12-Apr-13 11:40:09

Last year I had a similar problem with DH. Luckily my parents are supportive. He still loves to have a good old moan.

One of my friends studies at her local soft play, I have a 7,5 and 2 year old so wouldn't work with little one really for another year. But it is a good idea, no neglecting kids they have fun and you get some work done.

Not sure I could work in that atmosphere myself but a useful idea.

Getting organised is a key thing though them you can just either pick up whenever you have a chance or plan. I note down at the end of each topic session where I am at and what I plan to do for my next session.

In terms of spending time with DH I usually keep Sunday evening free and sometimes work in the sitting room, plus we have lovefilm come once a week so I try to do my work by 9pm so we can watch it.

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