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Anyone at Reading Uni? And/Or doing Speech Therapy BSc??

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sophynoo Tue 09-May-06 19:18:42

Hi, i want to apply to Reading uni later this year, was wondering what other students think of it? i want to do Speech and language therapy BSc, any tips for applying/ what the course is like?I live 45miles away from the uni and have 2 kids!

beansontoast Tue 09-May-06 19:31:39

hi a third year under grad...doing my exams at the moment.

APPLY's fantastic!

its not the distance but the convenienceid say....loads of people commute to our course and soem of those living out of london have a shorter journey time!!

dredge up some of the other threads on this, as im sure i've contributed to someone else's similar query.

precis :hard work and well worth every minute.totally do-able

you can cat me if you'd not on here very often. x

sophynoo Thu 11-May-06 20:50:21


sophynoo Thu 11-May-06 20:50:29


Clayhead Mon 15-May-06 22:23:15

I'm not there now but I did my degree there (in a different subject) and loved it.

Sorry not to be much help...

moondog Mon 15-May-06 22:25:03

I did the p/g SALT course at City and loved it.

sophynoo Tue 16-May-06 20:21:02

Clayhead, when were you there? do you know much about the childcare there?

Moondog, i thought about doing the slt postgrad dip but reckon it would be impossible with 2 children to sort out and 1 and half hours journey by train/tube each morn..did you have kids then?

moondog Wed 17-May-06 21:56:43

soph,it has ben done but I wouldn't.
It was bloody hard work and that was pre kids and living in London.
U/g course would be a (slightly) gentler option.

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