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What do I do now?

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MissMogwi Thu 07-Mar-13 09:13:30

I had a lovely plan four years ago, consisting of an Access course, degree, then PGCE.

I graduate in July, and all being well, I will achieve a 2:1, or could scrape a First if I'm lucky.

I haven't applied for the PGCE as I couldn't get a placement in the area, plus horror stories of people repeatedly failing the
numeracy and literacy tests, never mind not getting a place, scared me off.

I would like to do a Masters, but funding is an issue. I'm considering looking for a job ( hollow laugh) and possibly
doing an MA over two years to spread the work and cost.

I feel a bit lost, I suppose. Its all gone so quickly! I am going to go and see the careers advisor at Uni and give myself a kick up the bum.

Sorry for the ramble, just wondered if anyone can
identify with these feelings?

Stopanuary Thu 07-Mar-13 13:37:37

Hi MissMogwi,

I've name changed but have posted previously on here - we're both mature students at the same stage and I totally identify with your OP.

My plan was Access course, degree, get a job... as I thought the recession would be over about now! (Another hollow laugh!)

But that was before I studied economics.... Hmmm! & grin

I graduate in July though haven't a clue what with as exams this year carry 75% weighting and I don't seem able to get my January results as an indicator. (No dissertation for me)

I'm going to apply for jobs (sending the first application today) and see what happens and what feedback I get... I shall start off being discerning and reduce my aspirations until I get something/anything as once I have some recent work history I'll feel a lot happier with my CV!

I'd love to do a masters but lack of funding and I don't think it would increase my employability means I'm not applying.

I haven't been to see a careers adviser this year as everything they do/say/write is so geared to graduate schemes... but I may do if my first few job applications point up any problems I haven't thought of.

Good luck with everything.

dotty2 Thu 07-Mar-13 14:01:54

I'm at a different stage to you, but can certainly identify with your feelings. I'm going to be finishing my PhD later this year, and part of my motivation for doing it was thinking I could 'sit out' the recession. I'd just been made redundant and thought - ah well, things will look better by 2013. Another hollow laugh.

Sorry - that's no help whatsoever, but just wanted to say I know where you're coming from!

re. the Masters, it really depends on your subject area, as to whether it will help your employability or not. Maybe a careers advisor could help there?

Maybe you should do a PhD too - you might get funding and things really might look better by 2017...

MissMogwi Thu 07-Mar-13 19:23:27

Thanks for your replies. I've booked an appointment with the careers advisor for next week, so we'll see how that goes.

I think I'm wary of getting a job, any job, to keep the wolf from the door, and finding myself still there in five years. I have worked in admin/sales before returning to education, and while of course there's nothing wrong with that, I was unfulfilled.

But then again, I feel like I need a break from studying if that makes sense. I have fanciful ideas of coming home from work and just slobbing out rather than cracking the books open. Aim for the stars, that's me! grin

dotty2 Fri 08-Mar-13 14:45:19

Good luck with the careers advisor, and all your plans. (And I know what you mean - I was just thinking earlier about how nice it would be when this PhD was done, and a day off was a day off again.)

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