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Course too hard,advice needed!

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guggenheim Wed 06-Mar-13 18:38:23


Please give me some advice and a kick up the bum. I'm struggling horribly with my OU course, it's 60 credits at MA level. Sadly, I'm not at MA level. I'm sort of at 'colours in nicely with some adult help' level.

I have a degree in literature and I'm a teacher so I have a pgce, is there anything in between post grad and MA? The course is very interesting and I want to continue to study some aspect of education so I can argue with ofsted inspectors. I don't want to do an undergrad degree in Ed because I can't afford the money or time and I have a degree already, but I'm not managing to study successful at this level.

I'm really letting myself down when I write essays, so I need to develop study skills, I guess.The course repeatedly says: choose 3/5 topics to study, but which ever ones I choose, it's always the flipping wrong one!

I am going to quit this particular course but does anyone have any advice about courses that are pitched somewhere in between postgrad and MA level? Anything aimed at old gimmers?

webwiz Thu 07-Mar-13 19:37:24

When did you start the course guggenheim? I'm studying at masters level with the OU and there is a definite step up from undergraduate especially if you have had a gap since studying (like me!).

guggenheim Thu 07-Mar-13 20:33:29

Hi webwiz

I jumped in at this level, without finding out how it all worked at the OU, which on reflection was a pretty stupid thing to do! smile

I think that I need proper old fashioned face to face teaching really. It's been 20 years since I last did proper, proper study. I don't include the essays I wrote for my pgce because I can't remember writing a single one!

How have you found it webwiz?

webwiz Thu 07-Mar-13 21:45:30

I'm doing a masters in social science research methods and the first course was a compulsory one that did sort of introduce studying at masters level. There was a day school that was really helpful but I did find the whole thing had a very steep learning curve. I'm on my dissertation which is a whole new step up!

Have you had any tutorials? I've had phone ones in some of my courses which have been helpful.

andadietcoke Thu 07-Mar-13 21:53:34

I've just finished an MBA through the OU. I really struggled with the first year as I did an online only version with no face to face tutorials. All the subsequent modules had tutorials and were much easier, both in terms of face to face contact and building a network of others studying.

Is there a diploma or certificate allied to what you want to do?

guggenheim Fri 08-Mar-13 13:03:08


I suspect that my course needs an introductory session really, I would gladly have done it. I quickly noticed that the other students had studied with the ou before, I don't mean that in an arsey way, more that I think that this particular course is not great for newbies.

It doesn't lead to a diploma andadietcoke just 60 credits. I got a pass grade but it's a 'skin of my teeth' pass really. I could pull myself together and get on with it but I don't have the time or energy to devote, and I faint at the word 'dissertation' grin

It's a course with some great material to study, I've enjoyed it but I can't manage it. So I'll call the OU on saturday and start the withdrawal procedure.
If I knew anyone who had studied recently, and didn't have small dc, then I would recommend this course.

If only they did an idiot's version of it with face to face tutorials!

whatithink Fri 08-Mar-13 13:23:23

Sorry, can't be of any help with your specific problem, but I have just started studying with OU at undergrad level and a 30 credit module. I am finding it hard too.

I can only suggest that you must speak to your OU Regional Office asap. From everything I have learnt so far with my time with them they are supposed to be really knowledgeable and helpful.

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