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I've just submitted an assignment that I know will fail :(

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LowLevelWhinging Tue 05-Mar-13 14:22:48

No advice needed, just sympathy.

I underestimated how long it would take me to get my head round the subject. It's my own fault. Then as the deadline got closer I didn't ask for help because I thought I could just keep reading and I would 'get it'. But I didn't get it. And I've just submitted 1400 words instead of 3000. Even after staying up all night to plough on.

I'm mortified and embarrassed. Never ever missed and essay deadline like that and this is my second post grad qualification.

shit bugger and arse. sad

MissMogwi Tue 05-Mar-13 16:19:53

I won't patronise you with platitudes as it won't help, but I will send you a sisterly shoulder punch and wine

It's the word count that's the bugger isn't it. I think we're allowed 10% under or over, not sure what happens if its more.

Chalk it up to experience, take the mark on the chin and go and speak to the tutor about it.

Does it count for a big percentage of your overall mark?

Stopanuary Tue 05-Mar-13 16:22:58

Sympathy in bucket loads heading your way and wine or [tea] as required.

I've submitted one today as well. I began it a couple of weeks ago - well the reading and planning around it - then got called away from home last Wednesday so only properly started writing yesterday when I got home. My deadline was 4pm today (got into uni about 2pm) and I don't think I've ever submitted quite so close to the deadline before.

LowLevelWhinging Tue 05-Mar-13 19:52:29

aww thanks guys. I now have wine and I very much appreciate the sympathy.

I'm such a very concise writer, never waffle, but that means that I'm always clawing my way up to word count. And in this case, I just didn't have the understanding to pad it out.

Mogwi, you're right, it's chalked up to experience. I'm fkin knackered and tense but I can't get upset about it because it won't change anything. It's 50% of one module, so at least the next essay can pull it up. My other module is just one essay so that would've been a disastrous one to fail. I think I'll be able to resubmit with a maximum mark of 50 or something.

Stopanuary, I thought today was the closest I'd every got to deadline, until it became clear I wouldn't make it at all blush i just can't believe it. I can usually do it. Gah.

At least I'm only doing this qualification out of interest, rather than needing the grades.

Whinge whinge moan moan hmm

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