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Childcare funding/help & PhD student

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ButteryJam Mon 04-Mar-13 14:03:43


I'm a PhD student expecting a baby, and planning for future childcare. DH works and I'm on a research council fund. I've also been offered 5 hours per week work at the university (ill be paid as a temp) from April on wards (if I take it of course)..

I'm trying to work out whether ill be eligible for any help/funds/benefits, especially to help with the childcare? DH earns around 40K, but our living costs are so high (the south!)

Anyone in a similar situation? It looks like the childcare grant is only for undergrads sadly sad and I'm not sure if we'd qualify for other benefits/help.


dotty2 Mon 04-Mar-13 16:47:49

Hi Buttery - congratulations on your pregnancy, and I hope all is going well with your research. I'm a third year AHRC funded student. I'm sorry I can't help at all with your childcare costs question - no longer an issue for me, as mine are both at school. But I just wanted to alert you to the PhD students support thread - it's a bit inactive at the moment, but it might be worth posting there. There are quite a lot of us on it, so someone should be able to help. We're obviously all just working too hard on our PhDs to post very often!

ButteryJam Mon 04-Mar-13 18:41:37

Thanks dotty! Will post there smile

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