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aaarrggh essay crisis

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Steala Sun 17-Feb-13 10:45:34

I have 3000 words to write before tomorrow. I have done most of the research and made a plan I am happy with but no words at all yet. Feeling the pressure really badly.

The reason I'm on here rather than cracking on is that I am in sole charge of a 4 year old and so far have managed only 20 uninterrupted seconds. I'm writing to vent my frustration rather than to ask for any advice, although reasssurance that it is possible is welcome!

thesnootyfox Sun 17-Feb-13 11:23:57

Oh dear. I don't imagine that you wi get much done with a 4 year old.

Leave it until tonight. Early bed for the 4 year old and then lots of coffee and an all nighter for you.

I think we have all been there.

I remember going into the office one evening to use their PC many years ago. I finished the assignment at 8:00 a.m, quick shower in one of the nurses rooms then a full days work ahead of me. It was torture.

TinyDiamond Sun 17-Feb-13 11:36:37

can you take DC out now for a really energetic run around to tire out then this afternoon put them in front of a DVD for a bit whilst you tighten your plan up and maybe start your bibliography? list all of your references you'll use on your plan too.

then after bed time you can crack on and stay up late but you must ban yourself from mums net, Facebook or any other browsing whilst you're writing to get it done

TinyDiamond Sun 17-Feb-13 11:37:34

by the way I'll also be in the same boat tonight finishing two half done 2000 word essays...have to be sent off tonight have so much else to do. we can do it

Steala Sun 17-Feb-13 12:18:03

Thank you, both and good luck, TinyDiamond.

MissMogwi Sun 17-Feb-13 18:35:33

We've all been there. It's impossible with DC running about, mine are older and I still struggle to work with them about.

You can do it. Early night for DC and crack on. I give myself a little break every hour to clear my head or I lose focus.

TinyDiamond Tue 19-Feb-13 09:43:47

Did you get it done op? I hoe you've caught up on sleep now

Steala Wed 20-Feb-13 17:07:51

Yes I did, thanks. 3 in a week was a really tall order and I'm now utterly shattered. Hope you got yours done too! Now just the anxious results for the results. Could I make sense in my sleep-deprived state, I wonder.

Steala Sun 24-Feb-13 09:30:13

Well, it turned out to be my best essay ever. Who would have thought? I had a really good plan and then the essay seemed to write itself once I had free time to concentrate on it. It's very stressful to adopt that approach but obviously effective. I often wish I could work as efficiently when the deadline is not breathing down my neck.

TinyDiamond Sun 24-Feb-13 09:36:58

well done. I have another one to do today sad

Steala Sun 24-Feb-13 13:57:04

good luck!

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