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Returning to first degree subject years later - is this doable??

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Polygon Sat 09-Feb-13 19:59:19

I´m looking for advice re: starting university (again) next year so I´m not a student yet, unfortunately. I have got a first degree from the UK and now need to study again as I need an extra qualification in the country where I´m now living - it´s a long story. The university here will recognise my original degree credits as counting towards the degree here. Just that I graduated about 10 years ago and can´t really remember any of it. I now feel really torn between starting from scratch and doing it all again or getting my credits to count. On the one hand, with two kids, I need to get as many credits as possible from my first degree because otherwise I´m going to be studying for at least another 5 years - financially it makes a big difference to me if I can get my credits to count. But on the other hand, I can´t remember any of what I learnt in my first degree and I think I will really struggle with the courses which build on those which I skip. I would REALLY need the revision - and don´t know if I can succeed at the new degree as a whole if I don´t go back to the beginning.

What would you do????

Itwillendinsmiles Sat 09-Feb-13 21:18:15

Why not look now at some of the text books relevant to your first degree?

You'll either be surprised at how much you do recall when reading or it'll confirm that you need to probably start from scratch.

Polygon Mon 11-Feb-13 20:48:58

You´re right! Thanks. I´ll have to do so much reading anyway, I might as well start with the stuff that I´ve done already!

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