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funding for nursing course with dh and 2 dc

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Fairyegg Wed 06-Feb-13 18:52:07

Hi, I've been trying to find out what kind of bursaries I could get for doing a nursing course, but seem unable to find out the anwers so hoping someone on here could help. Bascially I have a dh who earns around 19/20 k a year. We currently recieve cb and child tax credit for 2 kids aged 6 and 3. We own our house and pay a mortage of around 500 pounds a month. Currently I am a Health care assiatant, only working 12 hours and earn approx 6K a year. Now my youngest is getting older I'm considering what I want to do. I've always faniced nursing and the more nursing students I talk to though my job the more it appeals. However would we get any help at all with my dh working? I also already have a degree a shit one in psychology from 10 plus years ago would that affect me getting any finincal help this time around? On another note is it really possible to do a nursing degree with 2 young, demanding children and a dh who works 2 jobs (just to get the 19/20 k) and therefore long hours?

Starfishkiss Wed 06-Feb-13 18:56:21

Does your Trust/local education board offer secondments for HCA's? I believe mine do (east midlands). This means they will pay you your usual HCA salary to do your nurse training through the open university, as far as I understand. Might be worth investigating? Maybe speak to your senior sister/matron? Hope that helps! smile

Fairyegg Wed 06-Feb-13 19:13:12

Thanks starfish. I'm pretty sure they have stopped doing secondments now in my trust but I do need to double check this. I doubt the OU would be any good as I know they don't provide funding for anyone who already has a degree. Why didn't I pick a degree in a subject that lead to a job all those years ago smile

Franksmummy Wed 06-Feb-13 20:14:32

I think because the funding isn't through student finance you should still be eligible for NHS bursaries (just give them a call and check). Although I'm not studying nursing I'm in a pretty similar situation as my partner earns around 22k (working 70 hrs a week!) and I would say go for it, we're almost better off than if I was working. We receive CB & £52pw tax credits for one child, most of our childcare costs are covered and we're able to afford a nice house in an expensive area of the country, run a car, train fares, eat well, go on holiday etc. we feel very lucky. Although my finance is through SFE not NHS bursary it's calculated in a very similar way, so you should be able to survive.
My course isn't as demanding as nursing and I only have one child but he was only 3weeks old when I started, and it is stressful and difficult but 100% worth it. You get to be proud of yourself every day and you're working towards something - not just a paycheck. There are lots of people on my course with children some cope better than others I think it depends on how many other stresses you have. Myself & a single mother with 3 kids are getting first class marks however another mother who is having issues with her partner and a child with disabilities and has been out of education a lot longer is failing.
If it's what you really want and your partner is supportive go for it with determination you can do (sorry how cheesy does that sound?) and remember the students without kids have less drive and are generally going out getting drunk most nights and not turning up!
Good luck.

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