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how do you manage childcare whilst studying?

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FioFio Tue 25-Apr-06 17:49:57

Message deleted

hungryhippo Fri 28-Apr-06 20:56:32

Hi FioFio

I have been studying for a year and my DS is at the University Nursery. I found it a complete nightmare to organise because the Uni could not tell me what times and days my classes would be on until the month before I started (!), but as I didn't want to send DS to Nursery FT I had to let the Nursery know which sessions I'd be needing. I couldn't wait until the last minute because those sessions might not have been available. In the end I had to guess... I got one of them wrong and had to rely on family help for that morning.
I have a lot of family help from DM and MIL and it has been a lifesaver... I could have managed without it but I would have been a lot more stressed than I am. Do you have family who can help out?


monkeytrousers Fri 28-Apr-06 21:08:37

Dp works a 3 day week and we arrange it around my timetable which is two day a week. Other than that I work at night. Have you got anyone that can help? I did enquire at the uni nursery but they had a two year waiting list - like we all know two years in advance that we'll be having a baby.

StudentMidwife Sat 29-Apr-06 00:23:29

Hi FioFio,

I'm a single parent, student midwife in my second year of a three year course. I use a childminder (a home environment i think is important for a child especially when they are being looked after for long periods), the after school club and my family....god bless em! Try local council for reputable childminders/nannies, my brilliant childminder was recommended by a work friend.
It seems really hard at first but actually it all falls into place once you are doing it and you can make changes as you go along. You mentioned relying on family support...personally I think it's useful to have family that fill in the gaps(if you know what I mean!)it means you're not constantly relying on them cos unless you've got a family member(s) whose 100% willing it's a big responibility for anyone that takes it on . It's sometimes hard negotiating money with family and as a student you haven't got much, atleast with a registered childminder etc you get financial help!
Good luck!

ayla99 Sun 07-May-06 19:14:51

You can find local childminders from your Childrens Information Service (CIS) . Recent Ofsted reports are now online Ofsted Inspection Reports . NCMA do a helpful booklet for parents choosing a childminder.

Although Registered Childminders are often associated with regular 9-5 placements, many Childminders can offer earlier/later hours and occasional or temporary placements eg for exams or a training course. Of course we are subject to strict limitations on the number of children we can care for, so it pays to book early.

Also, you may be able to claim up to 80% of your childcare costs. Childcare tax credit helpline 0845 300 3900


gothicmama Sun 07-May-06 19:45:51

get on the course by saying no probs with child care then negoiate to leave early and have no break (our class all did this)

chickyboo Mon 05-Jun-06 07:48:28

I'm in my 3rd yr had dd end of 1st. we don't get any help financially with childcare, but luckily we can rely on in-laws 3 days a week only prob is doing research and also having energy at end of day to write essays!! If you are single parent get help, but if you are with partner its really hard to get any help with finances.

After all that I would still say its worth the struggle...and if you can get a place at uni nursery that would be good.

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