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Anyone else feeling the pressure?!

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MissMogwi Wed 23-Jan-13 23:47:01

I graduate (hopefully) in July and to be honest I can't wait for the end of essays and exams.

I'm completely snowed under. Have an essay and the first chapter of my dissertation due in in on Friday. Neither of which is finished. I'm a hollow eyed wreck of a woman and my house is a tip.

I'm going to have to miss Uni tomorrow to get them finished, which I've never done before but needs must.

That's it really, I just had to share. As you were.

wisemanscamel Fri 25-Jan-13 18:02:20

Not much to say really except I know how you feel. I am final year too, finish course in mid May. I cannot see how the dissertation and the final portfolio and the last essay will all be done in that time, whilst clocking up another 50 days practice.

My kids are worn out with the complicated childcare arrangements, I keep crying at home and we mainly eat chips.

If there was an opt out - I would take it right now. None of that helps you, but all said in solidarity. We can do it. smile

MissMogwi Fri 25-Jan-13 19:44:27

We can indeed.

Although it will nearly be the end of me, if this week is anything to go by.

I have sat at the laptop in tears, muttering at my own stupidity at choosing to do this, "I could have my old boring job still, and not be sitting here ranting and swearing about effing journal articles at 3am." Drama queen? Me? grin

Good times eh?!

LapsedPacifist Sat 26-Jan-13 21:53:43

I'm really dreading the next few months. My dissertation is due in on April 19th shock and I haven't started writing it yet. I've done the outline proposal and written a contextual essay which will form the basis of the introduction, and done quite a lot of research, but there are 35 books in the bibliography so far and I've read about 6 of them.

I also have 2 other research projects of 2,500 words each plus a work placement report to complete by the end of May. I start a collaborative group project next week too which will require a report as well.

And I know this sounds like a sort of reverse boast, but <whispers> I've got Firsts for all the work I've had assessed so far this year, and feel under a huge amount of pressure as a result. Now I know I'm capable of getting a First I'll always regret not pulling our all the stops if I just coast along for the rest of the year and get a 2.1.

Am I totally crazy to be seriously considering doing a Masters degree next? hmm

MissMogwi Sun 27-Jan-13 13:15:42

Oh Lapsed, I'm sure you will do brilliantly if you've been getting Firsts in everything, although I can see why you're feeling the pressure to keep it up. As for the Masters, go on, how hard can it be grin

My dissertation is due on April 17th, I've just finished the first draft chapter, will have to see what my supervisor thinks of it. I picked a topic I'm very interested in so that has helped enormously.

I just keep thinking, by May it will all be over...

wisemanscamel Sun 27-Jan-13 17:54:18

Good for you lapsed smile. Currently, I would rather shut my knockers in the car door than consider a masters!

I just want it all to be over and if all goes to plan I will be having a midlife gap year after this to remind my family who I am and get the ironing done.

It's supportive here though, and that is helping.

muchostinky Sun 27-Jan-13 18:38:24

I am half way through my second year doing Accountancy at Birmingham and I am not planning my time very well at all!

I have just decided that I am not going to finish an assignment that I have already had a 2 week extension for that is due in tomorrow. I have been so stressed out about it and just haven't wanted to do it, now that I have made the decision to hand in what I have done and just accept the resit I can't tell you how much better I feel!

Not the best option for most I know, but it has worked for me!

MissMogwi Sun 27-Jan-13 18:48:15

Yep Wiseman, I just want it all over with too. Which I can't believe as, up until now, I've enjoyed it.

Just going to have to get my head down and get my geek on. grin

Mucho, sometimes you've just got to accept defeat haven't you. You never know you might do better than you think. I handed an essay in on Friday that I wasn't 100% happy with but I just couldn't look at it anymore. I was beating myself up over it and kept changing bits and pissing about with it. In the end I had to just leave it and hand it in.

LapsedPacifist Sun 27-Jan-13 20:39:56

<Gives serious consideration to shutting knockers in car door>

grin grin

Problem is, I'll be 52 next month and 50-something new graduates are not at the top of anyone's hit-list of potential employees. The Heritage industry has been completely trashed job-wise since the recession started. Doing a relevant Masters makes sense if I'm ever to get a job in this sector.

Mucho, you are really doing the right thing, especially as this isn't your final year. I had to get extensions for 8 assignments last year when I was completing my Foundation degree, after DH was diagnosed with a potentially very serious illness, and it was an enormous relief. I managed to get them all done by mid- August somehow, and just missed getting a Distinction sad. But I have a chance to make up for it this year with the Honours Degree, and this is the only year that counts towards my final mark.

muchostinky Sun 27-Jan-13 22:44:42

MissMogwi - Yup, there are times that you just have to give up. Sometimes it isn't worth the fight at all. Now I just have to work out what to hand in, as I don't want to put too much in to risk scrapping a pass. But on the other hand, I have to put something in. There is a line.

Lapsed, only one of this year's modules goes towards my final award, so as long as I do okay in the rest I should be fine. I just feel bad as I really enjoy the subject usually, but a load of home stuff (partner has finally admitted to a MH problem) has just taken over. The fact that I have made the decision to hand it in about 25% done has just made me feel so much better though.

MissMogwi Wed 30-Jan-13 22:13:23

How is everyone doing?

I've just finished the first chapter of my dissertation. It should have been in on Friday but luckily my supervisor said this week was ok.

I'm getting on my own nerves a bit, beating myself up for being behind. However it's done now, and it's only a draft so I suppose that's a plus. I am pleased with it though, hopefully she won't tell me to line the cats litter tray with it.

My poor eyes. I think I've aged about ten years in the last two weeks, and swapped my blood for coffee.

wisemanscamel Thu 31-Jan-13 07:20:15

Hello! Well done on the dissertation MissMowgli - I am still waiting for feedback on my lit review.

I have made a decision to pay for more childminding from 8am for the kids on uni days. They already do this on my work placement days. Theory is that I can be at uni at 8.30am and get an hour study in before 10am lecture, this should allow me to get a bit of the prep reading done before the lecture so I can see the kids for an hour in the evening before.

This does mean that I never take or pick up from school anymore - am out of the house from 8-6pm five days a week. I just keep thinking 'just until May' - wouldn't be so bad if I had some kind of salary!

Anyway, failure at this stage isn't an option, so just pushing on. No progress on dissertation. That is the weeend project. Happy days!

wisemanscamel Thu 31-Jan-13 07:20:50

Sorry MissMogwi - name reading failure!

MissMogwi Thu 31-Jan-13 13:34:09


Wow you are in Uni a lot! I only have two units, luckily they are on the same day so I do just one long day and only need childcare after school.

I do go in about 2/3 other times to work in the library but I can do that in school hours.

You can't win with regard to children can you? I've felt guilty lately as I've been working so much and rambling about the house muttering about essays in my dressing gown like a modern chubby Miss Havisham. Luckily my two are 8 and 11 so they can be left to their own devices a bit.

I will prob take Saturday off and do 'things' with them I think.

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