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Anyone else struggling with a dissertation/FYP?

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MimmeeBack Mon 07-Jan-13 10:50:02

I just can't get it started.
I should have nearly finished my literature review by now.
I know once I start it will be easier, but I can't do it sad

wisemanscamel Mon 07-Jan-13 20:24:45

Hello MimmeeBack - you are not alone. I've just sent a grovelling email to my tutor asking for an extension for the Lit Review - should have been in today but not finished. I am full-time on work placement too so have only weekends and evenings.

I am finding the lit review far far harder than I expected. I think this is because you have to do the reading, rather than skimming the abstracts which has got me this far! Good luck.

NotGeoffVader Sat 19-Jan-13 10:29:20

How's it going, Mimmee and Wise?

I got my last lit review done by lumping things I was reading into themes. That and skim-reading! I don't often read entire papers from start to finish - skim the abstract to see if they're worth bothering with.
Sort the papers you have into 'very useful', 'potentially useful' and 'shite'. Abandon the latter.

For those that are 'potentially useful', read the introduction and conclusion and decide which of the two remaining piles they go into.
I always end up over the word limit and have to cut down, but at least that means that I have two or three references for many points.

Oh, and make sure you source and cite some very current research - it gains points! smile

wisemanscamel Mon 21-Jan-13 20:01:21

Well, I handed it in but haven't got anything back yet from my tutor so I have no idea if it is passable. The next bit is the methodology and this needs to be in in March so I need to pull my finger out.

To be honest, right now I have had a bleedin' gutful of the whole thing. I have had a bit of a cry and will now get on. I finish in May and this target is what is keeping me on the course.

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