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not sure I can cope with another year of being poor and stressed - it is worth it, isn't it?

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beansmum Sun 18-Nov-12 20:55:50

Just a quick rant really...

I'm a single mum/full time student - I'm completely fed up with having no money. Just went to the bank to beg for an overdraft so I can pay my rent, they won't give me one. So, no food this week and we might have to cancel Christmas. Even minimum wage would be better than this. Also, my workload has been crazy this year, and next year won't be any better - I've just finished exams (in NZ, academic year is Feb-Nov) and it was 6 weeks of no sleep and panic. It'll take me another 6 weeks to recover!

I know it'll be worth it in the end, I just need reminding sometimes.

GentlyGentlyOhDear Mon 19-Nov-12 12:21:38

It will definitely be worth it!
How long have you got left on you course? What are you planning on doing afterwards?

beansmum Mon 19-Nov-12 20:29:31

I finish in Nov 2013. After that...? I'm doing a BA (Classics and History) and LLB, I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with them. Criminal defence - something researchy. Further study, but only once I have some money.

GentlyGentlyOhDear Mon 19-Nov-12 21:59:01

Not long to go with this course then - that's brill!
I find it hard enough studying with the support of a DH so I've got a lot of respect for you!
Just think of where you will be financially and professionally in ten years time - that's what keeps me going sometimes.

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