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My regular Uni rant. Join and vent with me...

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MissMogwi Sat 17-Nov-12 15:34:28

I'm nackered. I'm reading about 5 books all at the same time.
I've got bits of post it and page markers stuck to me most of the time, like a fecking piñata has exploded all over me.
I've got two essays and the first chapter of my dissertation due in by the end of January, I've started essay plans for all so I suppose that's ok.

I don't know what I'm doing when I graduate, decided against the PGCE for various reasons.

That's it really. It will all get done and I will graduate. Albeit a quivering wreck muttering Austen quotes and smelling of coffee.

Anyone else?

MatureUniStudent Sat 17-Nov-12 19:05:42

Dreaming of summer already. Dreading Exams just after xmas - why oh why did anyone thing it was a good idea to have exams smack bang in the New Year?

I don't read, unless it is my degree related. Newspapers? pah. Instructions on how to construct lego bionicals? pah. Going out? having a social life? pah. Uni is like Marmite to me. A necessary evil.

MissMogwi Sat 17-Nov-12 19:31:37

Gah, you've reminded me about the two class tests in the last week of term.

What is this 'going out' of which you speak?

mixedmamameansbusiness Sun 18-Nov-12 12:22:32

Far less going on for me but I feel much the same.

Two essays due by. 12 December, really still not completely decided on one and the other I have made some notes , but I have a solution to the post it problem.

I do all my reading with laptop and a word doc open all notes go on there, as the argument becomes clearer split into sections and cut and paste, you can reference as you go along and hey presto add your own blurb, cut back on the excessive nites, one finished essay.

My laptop isn't working though so I am working from a n exercise book, but same principle everything gets written in and I will type it all then form my argument around.

I have a presentation too, bane of my life!

Good luck all.

niceupthedance Mon 19-Nov-12 19:58:54


That's better.

I am in the first year so "nothing counts" but I am getting in so much shit for non-attendance due to DS illness (he is 1 and gets everything going, I'm lone parent so have to take all time off) and have just submitted an essay late and got my tutor in loads of trouble for emailing it to her (ccing someone she asked me to - she didn't realise it was going to be late when she said I could submit that way).

I feel I am getting so behind, have no time to read, rushing everything that I am doing. Can't go on like this for three years. sad

AbbyRue Tue 20-Nov-12 22:36:18

I gave birth to DC3 17 days ago and I'm sat here studying for an exam on Thursday then an essay due on Monday sad

Glad I got extensions on 2 other assignments

Superwoman much? Not!!!

MissMogwi Wed 21-Nov-12 09:23:28

Congratulations Abby flowers and wow you are a trooper!

You put us whingers to shame. Especially me. grin

AbbyRue Wed 21-Nov-12 13:41:04

Hahaha there have been tears believe me!! grin

mixedmamameansbusiness Tue 27-Nov-12 21:00:57

Congrats Abby.

It is feeling like a massive pressure this term I just can't get into it. I am skipping m,y presentation tomorrow and have the same two essays at the same stage as my previous post due in exactly two weeks.

I am organising an office move, my house is a tip and DH is moaning, ds3 feels largely absent from my life which is stressing me and I have a bloody governors meeting that I could do without. All my own fault but I am wallowing in self pity.

MissMogwi Wed 05-Dec-12 16:52:09

How is everyone doing?

winebrewbiscuit All round. (Although the biscuit on the new app is rubbish).

Itwillendinsmiles Wed 05-Dec-12 19:01:08

Five essays written that all had November deadlines, five exams in early January to revise for over the 'festive that I'm trying to ignore as far as possible, sorry DC & DH period'!

Two marks back so far - one OK, one quite good - the other three marks back next week...

Last (of five) its not being marked so why oh why are you making me do this for every sodding module? presentation to be given this Friday which is now prepared and practiced.

I reckon I gain about 2lbs of weight for every assignment due to biscuits, not cooking properly, lack of exercise and sitting down far too much. smile

On the plus side, come January 21st when semester two starts proper, I'm only in uni two days a week!

MissMogwi Fri 07-Dec-12 12:27:35

winethanks To you ItWill!
You've done loads! That is a huge amount of work to have to do.

I should be revising now as I have a two hour class test on Monday...

mixedmamameansbusiness Sat 08-Dec-12 22:03:53

Blimey that is immense. Back to it ladies.

OscarPistoriusBitontheside Sat 08-Dec-12 22:09:24

Joining in, essay is written but needs tweaking and bibliography writing but it's more or less done. Yes I know year 1 doesn't count but I still want it to be write. Luckily I only have one exam in 25th Jan, but revision can feck off and wait until after Christmas. I'm putting my feet up and watching shit on the telly for a few weeks.

JaquelineHyOnChristmasSpirit Sat 08-Dec-12 22:14:12

Hello everyone

I'm currently studying for my MA in Social Work.

I have 2 assessed presentations next week one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday and then a VIVA on Friday that if I fail I get kicked off the course confused

After Xmas we have two 5000 word essay's due in on the same day (the 12th I think but I could be wrong)

Then I start my full time social work placement on the 21st

Then I have a law and policy exam, a law assignment of 3000 words and a further 6000 word essay due whilst on placement as well as the placement portfolio I have to keep.

I have 3 dc's at home (7, 7 and 5) and I am currently pg with our 4th and am due in April.

I can not wait until next Friday after the VIVA (hopefully I will have passed) so that I can have a few weeks r and r before I tackle the essays.

This education lark is a bloody pain isn't it? grin

mixedmamameansbusiness Sun 09-Dec-12 20:09:44


niceupthedance Mon 10-Dec-12 11:26:32

Just wanted to add a rant about student bloody finance, who neglected to send me a form in October (although they said they did of course) and who have now cancelled my childcare grant, with a 6 week wait to re-process it. I'm in my first year and just assumed they would send the forms a whole before they were due back like tax credits? Bugger it! I am so angry! How will I pay the nursery in January? Arrgh

JaquelineHyOnChristmasSpirit Wed 12-Dec-12 12:38:31

2 assessed presentation done and passed grin

Now just the VIVA panel interview on Friday and I am on my holidays woooooooohooooooooo!

MissMogwi Fri 14-Dec-12 06:24:55

Well done everyone on work passed, and, hell, even work handed in!

One more class test for me today then I'm finished for Christmas. Going in that is, mucho essay writing awaits. hmm

I don't know about you lot, but I am ready for a break. I'm looking forward to the girls finishing and some lie-ins, crappy Christmas telly and inhaling Quality Street and wine.

AbbyRue Fri 14-Dec-12 22:03:04

It's 22:01 and my assignment is due at midnight. My baby is 6 weeks old and today I woke up with a poorly boobie. I'm tired. So tired yet I'm soldiering on. After midnight, I'll finally relax

MissMogwi Fri 14-Dec-12 22:07:38

Blimey Abby, I take my hat off to you. You must be nackered. You will feel so relieved once it's in and the pressure is off.

OscarPistoriusBitontheside Fri 14-Dec-12 22:14:36

Come on Abby, we're all here pushing you to the final hurdle.

You can do it, sore booby does hurt though.

I finished yesterday, so am relaxing by reading trash, watching trash, looking forward to having my family together for weeks and enjoying the simple pleasures like food, wine and family time (all be it scattered across the country).

AbbyRue Sat 15-Dec-12 02:36:20

It's done!!gringringrin I'm so relieved, finally I can relax and enjoy Christmas. Thank you ladies

Itwillendinsmiles Sat 15-Dec-12 07:39:55

Well done Abby and everyone who has met their deadlines, met their extended deadlines or had exams, tests, presentations and vivas! smile

Presuming we're all finished with actual attending now for a few weeks, I hope we all have a very Happy Christmas and successful New Year.

May our essays flow, our exams make pleasant reading and our grades be high! grin

OscarPistoriusBitontheside Sat 15-Dec-12 09:55:44

Yeah Abby! Enjoy Christmas everyone, exams can wait until the new year.

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