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OU Masters?

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posyplum Wed 07-Nov-12 15:23:56

Hello, I have a degree in languages, but have always wanted to do some OU study in English Lit, for myself.

Am finally in a position where I can sort of afford it, and I was thinking of another degree, part-time (over many years probably!). But apparently, I also could start a postgraduate/masters degree in English Lit, depsite my first degree not being in it.

Doing the latter would be more of a step forward of course, but would it be too much of a leap? Also I have a young toddler and I haven't studied for years. I can't decide what would be best, and wondered if anyone had any experience of similar.

webwiz Thu 08-Nov-12 11:49:32

To study at masters level you don't need particular content from an undergraduate degree but rather the study skills from it. You can already write an academic essay and read in an analytic way. Anything that is absolutely essential for the masters course will be taught on it. I'm doing a masters in social science research methods with the OU - my first degree is in psychology (from 25 years ago). I haven't studied and sociology or social policy previously but it isn't a problem. It has been fine so far timewise but has just taken a step up now that I'm working towards the dissertation.

I imagine that there will be lots of reading with an English lit masters so it would be a case of how much of that you could fit in with a toddler. Sounds fab though - what a lovely excuse to just read all the time!

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