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Re: psychology @ OU

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Chan1811 Thu 25-Oct-12 10:06:20

Hi, I am looking for some advice re: the psychology degree with the OU.

I attended uni a couple of years ago but quit when I was pregnant. I am not in a position to attend a brick uni but really want a psychology degree. I have looked at the OU website but still have a few questions.

Has anyone studied psychology with them? Can you explain in detail what areas of psychology are covered?

I am really interested in cognitive psychology and finding out about behaviour and what causes it. I also believe that there are two modules with residential schools, is that right?

With most degrees, you have to complete a dissertation, is this needed with the OU?

Thanks in advance.


carocaro Fri 26-Oct-12 08:51:11

They advise you start with an Intro to Psychology course, which I have done, level one and progress from there. I then went on to do a level 1 course in social studies, all course work and TMA's which are tutor marked assesments, which you submit online by a certain date. I loved it, really enjoyed it, and would have gone on to do more but got too busy with work. The OU website I used is still live and if you PM you I will send you the login details so you can have a look at the sorts of things we covered and would be happy to answer any other questions. I'd say go for it, courses tend to start in May and September and you might have to register now for May 2013.

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