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Could I ask for some advice re OU and degree

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Tooodlepip Mon 08-Oct-12 21:54:06


I noticed that quite a lot of people on here are doing the OU and I just wanted some advice really regarding my degree only if you don't mind

Basically my degree has been 8 years in the making it was originally suppose to take me 3 years but due to a lot of family/health issues I have had a lot of set backs.

now I am sitting the final exam of my Bsc Open degree, I never wanted to do an open degree I wanted a named degree it started of as Life science, however again I was a full time carer and couldn't go to the residential schools so I had to change sad. Over the years I have scrapped passes for my courses and if I add on my honours the likely outcome will be a third, thats only by my guess, I don't know what I'd need to scrap a 2.2 but I'll assume it might be a 3rd which I am really sad about because I am capable of so much more

Anyway I wanted advice on whether I should accept the open degree without honours and maybe look at the possibility of doing another seperate degree I would love a psychology degree that is actually what I know I'd want hmm took me all these years to figure that out angry or should I do my honours maybe take an extra module to try and get the 2.2 next year and look to the possibility of doing a psychology related masters I dont know if this is possible??

Please I would appreciate some advice, I mean I'm worried what can I do with an open degree, and a 3rd at that??

Thank you so much for any advice or comments

HSMM Mon 08-Oct-12 22:03:08

Phone them. They are really helpful. They will give you a predicted grade, tell you what you can accept and suggest things you might like to add on.

SwedishEdith Mon 08-Oct-12 22:26:34

Can you not count some of your modules and do some new ones instead? You might be able to convert it into a named degree? Might be cheaper than the £15k it would cost to start a new degree from scratch?

Tooodlepip Tue 09-Oct-12 01:45:11

Thanks I'll contact them when I get my results this year. Can I ask is a 3rd useless as it stands I only need 30 credits to add on the hon should I take 60 to try and bring up my grades ???

Also is an open degree useful ?? For employment or to do a pgce or masters I have a named cert and a named diploma.

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