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Hubby going back to University for 6 years

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AngelaD Sat 18-Mar-06 19:26:19

How do you cope with the lifestyle change ?

TearsBeforeBedtime Sat 18-Mar-06 19:37:18

Gosh! What is he re-training as? Is he going to be at Uni full or part-time? A work colleague of mine left his job when he had 2 young children to do a law degree. In terms of money he wasn't terribly badly off as he could return to his old job at holiday times (ship's officer), and was actually worse off moneywise asa trainee solicitor than as a student. Would your DH be able to work during university holidays?

AngelaD Sat 18-Mar-06 21:20:03

A doctor, don't know if he can work part time, hopefully and I can go back to work too.

beansontoast Sun 19-Mar-06 16:51:37

wowo!how exiting....

how old are your kids? how much does he currently do around th ehouse now? are you planning more kids in the interim? have you family around? will you miss his salary?

ja9 Sun 19-Mar-06 16:54:45

yikes angela!!

my dh hoping to go back for 2 years in sept, and that seems scary enough!!! but then, as a doctor he'll earn buckets so will be so so worth it. good luck to you all!

expatinscotland Sun 19-Mar-06 17:17:22

I'm planning to go back full time in a couple of years, but start a business up before that b/c I need to have some money coming in.

Mazzystar Sun 19-Mar-06 17:20:52

just sit tight and think of how rich you will be when he qualifies and signs up for after hours on call at £85 per hour on top of his salary!

(i'm not saying they don't deserve it by the way before anyone takes the huff)

i would be very surprised if he could work part-time at the same time as i think the training is really intense. must get a decent grant/stipend though?

Mazzystar Sun 19-Mar-06 17:21:45

do i recall correctly that you are planning on taking law expat? in another life i'd have done that.

expatinscotland Sun 19-Mar-06 17:39:21

I'm starting in Autumn, mazzy. Would have started this year but I had another baby in early December so I deferred. Will do part-time at first. Hoping to go full-time at honours level, though.

Mazzystar Sun 19-Mar-06 17:45:23

that's really great. i looked into it when i was thinking about a career change about three or so years ago...then DS came along...

PeachyClair Sun 19-Mar-06 18:27:38

well, according to Dh you just do. I went back last September, it's been great for me and we've coped. no credit cards or loans bar the student one!.

The hardest thing is time: I always feel as a non earner I should be the one doing everything, yet I also have 4 assignments on the go and I had a big one last week that meant extra time in college. And I find people think it's an easy option: like if I was working that would be OK because I'd have to be doing it, or a SAHM that would be lovely for the boys, but being a student is supposedly selfish.... until i qualify and theyc an afford to go to Uni anyway.

Personally, i'd say just go for it and do it one step at a time. That's all you can do really, learn as you go.

geogteach Sun 19-Mar-06 19:01:04

Sounds like hard work, DH is a Dr and the training is heavy going, you even have longer terms so no real option for part time work. DH had completed his degree when we got married but he was still on a training scheme (fully paid) when DS1 was born, the weekends and nights he was on call were heavy going with a baby as were the days when he was trying to sleep and I was trying to keep a baby entertained. Lucky for me he did his last ever night on call just after our 3rd child was born but that was probably nearly 20 years after he first went to uni.

CountessDracula Sun 19-Mar-06 19:06:55

6 years wow

Dh was thinking of this but he would do the 4 year course

Will watch this thread with interest

alsochangedmyname Sun 19-Mar-06 19:25:10

uh, £85/hour for on-calls.
I'm a hospital doctor (not a consultant) but not that junior either. I get £8000/year for on calls, which is about £12.5/h for my on-calls (after tax I'm probably left with £8/h). I admit I'm not continuously busy in the night but have to be resident in the hospital . Just wondering more and more whether to go back to work after No 3 is born. Considering I would have to pay my childminder £9/h for 3 children. I know, don't have a babysitter for the night, DH is around. Was just thinking about going back to daytime work.
Sorry, don't want to put your DH off, but have many times thought about changing my job, but just can't think of anything.

alsochangedmyname Sun 19-Mar-06 19:32:45

I think you would need to consider not just the time that he is a student but afterwards. DH is a GP (and suspect he used to earn a lot more than me for his on-calls). Anyway, last week he got home after 10pm for 3 night on a row.
Then there is the traing as a junior doctor, depending on speciality several years, during which he will have to do on calls night time and weekends.(Student life is easy .).
BTW, don't know what job he is doing at the moment but I think some medical schools will do a shortened programme of 4 instead of 5 years. Anyway sure he will look into all that himself.

SueW Sun 19-Mar-06 19:39:03

How come all the GPs I know do 35 hours per week within the hours 8.30-6pm with an afternoon off each week, no weekend work, no on-calls (all passed over to some central service with the contract changes a few years ago) and earn upwards of 80k p.a.

Do I just know lucky GPs?

AngelaD Sun 19-Mar-06 22:15:50

It's all abit pie in the skie at the moment, he might be able to take the 4 year course or it might be the 6 depending on if he'd leave home to study.
We have no loans or debts, no mortgage (we rent) and some savings.
However we have three children, 2,4 and 6 and tbh I want at least 1 more although I can wait.

cassia Sat 03-Jun-06 22:19:18

I have a place to study med in Sept (4 year course).

It's been a long struggle academically (taught myself A level science etc) and I still can't believe I'm really in. But, having major second thoughts, especially about the finances as DH is not on a high salary.

I have thought about doing medicine for so many years, but the reality is now hitting home, and I am worried that my family and realtionship will suffer.

KateF Sat 03-Jun-06 22:26:51

Good luck to your dh and you AngelaD. I studied medicine but left it after 2 years of hospital work. I could never have made it work with a family and it had not turned out to be the right choice for me. As a student I had summer jobs in my pre-clinical years but once into clinical we were in hospital for 48 weeks of the year and revising for exams in the holidays. A few people did an evening or so a week in pubs to earn a bit,I just survived on my measly grant . And btw juniors do not earn fantastic salaries. My dh earns far more as a quantity surveyor than I ever did and is on a par with my best friend who has just become a consultant.

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