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Anyone know if I can do studying/volunteering while claiming SMP or MA?

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LackingNameChangeInspiration Thu 13-Sep-12 17:38:36

hi, Posted in employment too but no traffic, hopefully someone here has some up to date info/experience

last time I claimed MA and was allowed to study during my leave as it wasn't training through work (though was really hard to finally get that info confirmed)

I have some vague idea that volunteering is allowed on SMP but not MA but not sure where that comes from????

I will prob get SMP this time but may be MA so asking about both

can I study? it is not through work so not "keeping in touch" days. My job is a zero hours contract and I am job hunting, if I can do one morning a week during mat leave at college it'll greately help my chances when I re-commence job hunting after mat leave

and can I volunteer? I do volunteering anyway but would be great to keep it up as at the end of mat leave I'll be looking for a new more regular job


LackingNameChangeInspiration Thu 13-Sep-12 17:44:08

from what I can find online it looks like I can volunteer on whichever I get

but says nothing about studying? it would be part time

getagoldtoof Fri 09-Nov-12 12:20:45

I studied full time when claiming MA and also received a student bursary - all above board and considered fine.

Put it this way - if i hadn't had my baby I would have worked as well as studying. I couldn't work, so got MA.

needsadviceplease Sun 11-Nov-12 06:29:44

I'm studying part-time whilst on SMP. As per PP, totally above board - I was studying part-time whilst working ft before I gave birth.

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