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I'm revising, badly & I'm bored

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KatyMac Thu 13-Oct-11 19:40:26

Tell me off

southeastastra Thu 13-Oct-11 19:42:11

i should be doing something related to my course too grin

KatyMac Thu 13-Oct-11 20:14:12


KatyMac Thu 13-Oct-11 21:39:26

I have retyped a table in order to try & learn it

Bugger it's hard

KatyMac Fri 14-Oct-11 07:24:23

I got up earlt to try again

I'll do his table when I get in first even if it's Q3 so I have the best chance of remembering it


KatyMac Fri 14-Oct-11 10:10:32


KatyMac Fri 14-Oct-11 20:58:12

I survived

gingergran Sat 15-Oct-11 08:06:50

have you done your exam? has was?

KatyMac Sat 15-Oct-11 09:39:09

Well I worte & drew for nearly 3 hours so it can't be that bad

But whether it was worth anything I don't know

Now we wait for Christmas

gingergran Sat 15-Oct-11 15:16:36

Had mine yesterday also for U212 - weird questions but OK on the whole.

Waiting for Christmas also - seems such a long time

ExpatAgain Sat 15-Oct-11 15:26:48

empathise. got 4000 words to do by next sat..weep...

KatyMac Sat 15-Oct-11 17:02:27

13 pages of waffle

NormanTebbit Sat 15-Oct-11 17:06:07

I did my last exam on Thurs (smug)

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