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question about being a mum and a student

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emsy5000 Wed 12-Oct-11 20:33:34

Hi I am new and I really joined to ask you ladies this question.
I do not have any children yet but I am desprate to start my family soon. I also wish to continue my career by training to be a professional Counceller. I am currently a youth worker but want to move into councelling young people as it is something I am drawn to.

my problem is I also start my family fairly soon I do not want to be having my first child when I am 35 if I can help it.

The Course I have seen is part time and takes 5 years so I think I could do it with a small child. But I am not sure I would be able to do it if I was pregnant at the start of the course or had just given birth.

would you delay a year or just go for it as when we start trying there is no garentee that we will get pregnant strait away and I should not put my life on hold for that.

the other issue is that my husband will not start trying now even though I beg him as he says we are not financally secure enough yet humph.

VJaaarrrggghhh Thu 13-Oct-11 07:34:07

Hi emsy, I started my degree when ds1 was 3, then half way through ds2 arrived. It was easier when ds2 was a baby as I studied when he napped, but now he's a demanding toddler and dropped his naps it is harder, but not impossible, I just study in the evenings instead. I'm tired a lot, but loving it at the same time smile.
Good luck with it all.

inmysparetime Thu 13-Oct-11 16:46:07

I finished my physics degree when 6 months pregnant, started my OU degree when DS was 18 months old, including 2 modules with DD born a month in. I passed all my exams, probably not the best grades, but always enough. You need to be organised and have DP take up the slack when assignments are due in, but it's doable and it feels great when you achieve your goals, it shows your DCs the value of education.

emsy5000 Fri 14-Oct-11 09:27:42

Thanks Laddies that make me feel better about it. I have made a bit of a ruff plan of action though. I have decided to finish the course I am before starting to try for a baby, then start the course I want to go on next not this september coming but the next one. That way I will hopefully (if there are no problems which I know is possible) have a small child when I start the next course but it will be a part of our lives and not just a completely new exsperance.

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