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TU100 - just got my confirmation!

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Belleandthebeast Wed 12-Oct-11 16:10:45

I've been on the waiting list for ages, and they've just written to say I'm in... grin
Anyone done this module? What can I expect? It's my first OU module, with a view to getting a degree if it all goes well... any advice? It all sounds so exciting on paper but in real life you never know!

craftynclothy Thu 13-Oct-11 16:02:01

Are you doing a computing/IT degree?

I'm doing IT modules to get a degree but (a) have gone for the open degree so I'm not limited to a particular set of modules and (b) I get credit for my previous degree so I didn't have to do any level 1 courses (and the level 2 courses are just to take cos they're prerequisites). I've just finished M255.

I might be wrong but I think TU100 is pretty new, it replaced something else iirc.

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