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Help with council tax - on maternity leave

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wolfcubEm83 Sat 08-Oct-11 10:58:34

Hi, havent posted in this section before but i could really do with some advice.

I am currently on maternity leave having completed year 2 of my degree and im taking 12 months out. I moved house in june and had DD shortly after and informed the council that i was a student and that i wouldnt be paying council tax. I havent paid it since i joined the course in September 2009 (living in my previous property).

I have since received several letters requesting payment at the 100% rate. I again infored them that i was a student (they have a letter covering september 2010 to september 2011) but they keep sending the letters.

DP has moved in with us so i understand that we will have to pay 75% of the rate but he gets no letters, they are all addressed to me.

I sent a letter to them last week from my course leader explaining my situation and this morning ive received a court summons!!!! I havent received any correspondance from them about why they arent acknowledging that im a student.

Has anyone been in this situation before??? Are we liable to the discount?? (i realise that now it will only be 75% due to DP living with us).

Sorry its long....thanks for any help

Pavlovthecat Sat 08-Oct-11 11:03:37

Unfortunately it is my experience that you will have to pay 100% if your partner is working.

I have had long conversations with CT dept about this myself. I work part time and DH has been unemployed for 2.5years. I am responsible for his share of the CT.

25% discount is for single working person only. Not single income. If you are on a low income you will need to apply for benefits support If you are entitled to benefits support you will get council tax support of some kind.

Pavlovthecat Sat 08-Oct-11 11:05:33

There is a formal council tax exemption form you need to fill in which assessed whether you get support, a letter will not suffice. If you are entitled, fill out the form, which will ask for supporting statements such as bank account statements, income proof, benefit proof etc and they make a decision about how much/if you are entitled to anything.

wolfcubEm83 Sat 08-Oct-11 13:35:13

Thanks for your answers.

They sent me a form to fill in and i did, and sent it back with the letter from uni. It only asked why i was applying for a council tax exemption, to include proof (letter from uni) and to list who lives in my house.
Im not working, i receive NHS bursary whilst on maternity leave (im doing an NHS funded degree) so i cant apply for benfits support.

littleducks Sat 08-Oct-11 18:03:09

You should be paying 75% as a student with a partner, even if you are working part time as long as your course counts as a full time course.

We pay 75% rate as i too am doing a nhs funded course.

I am not sure if you still count as student attending a full time course when on maternity leave. My council expects you to be attending lectures and phones up to check that you are actually attending not just enrolled. Perhaps clarify that point with someone, do you have a finance officer at your uni maybe, as ime council employees do not know all the rules relating to students.

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