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Just started an Access to Humanities course.

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hermionestranger Thu 06-Oct-11 14:40:23

Like the title says, I've just started the above course and so far am loving it. Got really good feedback from my first test and am feeling really positive about getting onto a degree course next year, my tutor said he thinks given what he's seen so far I can get on any course of my choosing ( grin ). DH think's I'll be able to have a part time job as well as studying and doing more than the lionshare of the childcare. DS's are 6 and 10mo, DH works the other side of the country 2/3 days a week and is out for 7:30 ish and back around 6 ish. I think that my degree will keep me busy enough and working as well will be one thing too many won't it?

He argues that he worked full time whilst he got his letters, which is true but then I worked part time and looked after DS1 and house work etc. We can afford it, just, but long term it'll be worth it.

Another part to this is that DH wants me to open a livery stables at my parents farm, which we already look after part time on a DIY basis. I don't want to do full livery as it is 7 days a week and I am ok to do some part livery. Trouble is DH is all about money now, short term gain, iyswim.

That feels better, just getting it off my chest.

alphabetti Sat 15-Oct-11 19:50:02

Well done on starting your Access course. I finished my Access course in June just gone and am now at University studying a part time law degree. I am a single mum with 2 children and I also work between 16 and 24hrs per week. Lately I feel that I am always exhausted and wish that I had moe time to concentrate on my studying.

I think your DH needs to support your long term goals and not just want you to be bringing in an income short term as I think it is much better to have a harder time short term but know in the future that you can have the choice to bring in a larger income if you wish.

I really do think that if you can survive on your DHs income then you should as it is very difficult sometimes to work study and spend time with children as well as housework etc. Financially I have no option but to work so just have to but if I had the option of working less or not at all I definately would as it is hard work.

Also look into part time degree courses if you can as they are worth exactly the same as the full time equivelent but you do it over a minimum of 4yrs rather than in 3 years. Also you don't pay anywhere as much as the fulltime course so definately worth looking at.

t0lk13n Sat 15-Oct-11 19:51:39

I did an Access to Humanities course in 1996 and I have now been teaching for 10 years! It was hard as I have a disabled son and my youngest was 1 when I started but it was so worthwhile. Good luck x both x

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